App tracks flights, noise

Concerned about the impact of airport activities on neighbouring communities, Aeroports de Montréal (ADM) launched an app last summer enabling residents to obtain information about aircraft flying over the Greater Montreal area.

WebTrak is also a tool in ADM’s complaint management system. Every complaint submitted through the platform is registered and linked to an aircraft movement in the soundscape complaint management system. Once received, complaints are analyzed and compiled, allowing identification of areas for improvement.

The application is part of ADM’s Soundscape action plan which will soon be submitted for public consultations, and is a flight data system that provides access to air trajectories, aircraft types, altitude and noise levels recorded at various noise-measuring stations.

Available on the internet and through a smartphone, the graphic interface displays flight data in near-real time; locates an address on the map; and facilitates complaints linked to a specific air movement.

WebTrak provides flight information from NAV Canada’s radar data that citizens may view, albeit on a 10-minute delay for security reasons. Similarly, airline identity and flight number data remain hidden, as do military and law enforcement flights.

“We are making every effort to balance the community’s need for efficient air links and respect for our neighbours,” said ADM public affairs VP Martin Massé. “Maintaining a harmonious cohabitation with neighbouring communities remains a priority and is an integral part of ADM’s mission,” he says, adding that the new information video recently posted on YouTube makes the app easier to use.

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