City set to spend $90M by 2025 to transform Camillien Houde road

Architect’s image of what the new Camillien-Houde road will look like in 5 years time

According to the city’s tri-annual investment program, the Plante administration intends to spend $17.5M on plans to remodel and restore the city’s mountain-side park before going ahead with its intention to spend a further $70M to re-build the Camillien-Houde road during their next mandate.

“We’re already working on plans for the road, “ said Geneviève Jutras who is Mayor Plante’s press attaché, “...and work is being done on assorted accessibility issues.”

Aside from the fact that discussions about the mountain’s future have been going on since the early 1990s when the Doré administration first began to think about doing something about the mountain’s road, the Plante administration served notice that it was determined to proceed with its plans when Plateau Mayor Luc Ferrandez impetuously decided to close the cross-mountain road weeks before the mayor instructed the city’s OCPM (Office de Consultation Publique de Montréal) to hold last summer’s public consultations about the mountain’s future. Although the Ferrandez decision ultimately cost the Plateau mayor both his job and his career, Mayor Plante made it clear that she accepts the OCPM’s recommendations to keep the mountain’s road open for cross-town traffic. However, and aside from her usual reservations about assorted pedestrian and cycling safety issues, the mayor also believes that the new road’s scale should be reduced in order to better reflect the park’s natural environment.

As it could take up to two years to come up with a finished plan, work on the project will not begin until 2023 after which the project is expected to be finished by 2025.

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