As of this September, borough parking fees will once again defy gravity because, like your tax bill, chances are that what goes up will never, ever come down again.

Based upon increases that were passed during last June’s regular council meeting, residents are now learning that it’s going to cost them more, sometimes a lot more, to pay for their reserved parking spots. Compared to the $60 they used to pay for the first car followed by $120 for each additional car, the new reserved parking fees discriminate against drivers who own both cars and trucks with big engines (2.3 litres and up) because their reserved spot (the first) will cost them $120 with another $240 paid out for each additional vehicle. However, if you’re driving one of the new electric cars, a reserved parking sticker (vignette) will only cost you $50 dollars, with another $170 for each additional car. Borough numbers also indicate that most borough drivers will be paying $75 for their parking sticker because most people drive ‘economy’ cars –such as the Toyota ‘Yaris’ and the Honda ‘Civic’ that use 1.6 litre engines (or smaller) in the big city. While each additional car will cost them $195 dollars for a second vignette, larger cars (and trucks) with a 1.7 litre engine (or more) will cost the driver $90 for their first vignette, and another $210 for each additional vehicle.

While Darlington Councillor Lionel Perez considers the new fees to be little more than a cash grab that’s “...more in line with the Projet Montréal perspective that all cars are evil,” borough Mayor Sue Montgomery defends the new rates because there’s nothing unusual about raising parking fees in a borough that hasn’t raised its fees for nearly a decade.

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