Can a two-hour cocktail make illness a little less difficult?

Yes, if it’s the annual Enchantée fundraiser for the MUHC Breast Clinic wellness program. This year’s event takes place on Friday, October 18th, 2018 at the Le Mount Stephen from 6:00-8:00 p.m. Tickets cost $200 each and can be purchased online at

Last year, more than 200 people attended and donated more than $120,000.

MUHC Foundation President Julie Quenneville hopes that this year’s event will achieve even more success. She says that the annual fundraiser is a crucial tool to help cover the costs of services that aren’t covered under our public health care system.

She’s particularly concerned about helping patients with lymph-edema, a swelling of the arms that can affect about a quarter of the patients who receive breast cancer surgery.

“There is absolutely no cure for it and the only thing that we can do is to manage the disease via early diagnosis, which is always essential, but also through physiotherapy,” says Quenneville. “So you would deflate the affected area. The government recently decided to cover at least a portion of the bandages for the patients, but it’s still unfortunately not covering the actual physiotherapy that relieves the pain.”

Quenneville says that research has recently discovered that physiotherapy prior to breast cancer surgery can reduce the necessity of chemo afterwards, so some patients may be able to benefit from that treatment too.

They also need to raise money to cover nutritionists, wellness councilors and other post-operative services that aren’t considered medical necessities.

A volunteer committee co-chaired by Anna Capobianco-Skipworth, Cynthia Price Verreault and Jo Anne Kelly Rudy are helping Quenneville’s team organize and sell tickets to Enchantée.

“All of them have been very very involved,” said Quenneville. “Cynthia Price Verreault has been heavily involved in the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation throughout the last 20 years and Anna is a breast cancer survivor. So you know they were personally touched by these issues.”

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