Students work to support the MS Society of Canada on June 15 at Complexe Pointe-Claire

Students working under the Student Works Management Program learn invaluable lessons and hone their skills all passed down from industry leaders, alumni and fellow owner/operators as they construct their painting businesses. They take this wealth of business-savvy knowledge along with a well-rounded work ethic and passion for community and giving back as they support the MS Society of Canada each year through the Student Works Car Washes in Thornhill, Ottawa, Pointe-Claire, Halifax and St. John’s.

Young business owners will be out washing cars, bikes and scooters to raise money for the MS Society of Canada

The organization acts as a hub for entrepreneurial minded students who have a passion and drive to turn their short, three month window of opportunity, into a highly successful business while stepping away from traditional summer job options into employment that not only helps to fund their education, but also provides them with invaluable work experience and a bank of knowledge to take beyond their work over the summer and time as a student.

The Student Works Management Program encourages partnership between business owner/operators to share work and skills, while fostering independence in addition to providing guidance and support, and rallies its teams together to embody the spirit of community, which is a fundamental pillar in the organization. In June, students will once again come together to support a long-standing partner in this community spirit, the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, to raise funds for research and disease management support.

Each year, student owner/operators come together to offer their support through pro bono projects, this year in East York and Nepean Ontario, in addition to servicing car washes in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. In 2015, the owner/operators hit their first fundraising goal of $1 million, they continue these efforts in hopes of hitting a new two million dollar goal.

On June 15 at the Complexe Pointe Claire, 755 St-Jean, Suite 160, business owners will be out washing cars, bikes and scooters to raise money for the MS Society of Canada. These young entrepreneurs are looking to their community to join them as they support the MS Society and the Canadians that are affected. Join these amazing young entrepreneurs as they come together to find a cure for MS from 10 AM to 3 PM in Pointe-Claire.

—Student Works Management Program


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