Last Wednesday, Oct. 9, InWear celebrated 50 years of business in the fashion industry with a meet-and-greet as well as a 5 à 7 for customers and shoppers at Les Cours Mont-Royal in the heart of Montreal.

“InWear is a very fashion forward brand for people that are trendy and want to wear clothes that are easy to wear at work, vacation or even for a 5 à 7 event,” said Valerie Law, V.P. Marketing & Communications of Les Cours Mont-Royal. “The goal is to have a modern look and when you wear an outfit, you must feel comfortable and proud of yourself.”

The fashion store first opened in Copenhagen in 1969 and the business made a huge step from Denmark in 1987 when it opened its first Canadian store in Montreal on Ste-Catherine Street.

“Fifty years in the fashion business is a big deal,” Law said, adding that her advice for junior entrepreneurs is to learn from others. “Do not try to start from scratch. Learn from the big brands and you will succeed.”

In 2007 the InWear boutique moved to Les Cours Mont-Royal and the customer rate has been growing ever since.

InWear appeals to all types of women — from students to working-moms, said Law. “It really fits with the different categories of ages. When you walk in the store, you don’t have to worry about anything. You’ll be taken care of from A to Z.”

Many customers like that much of the clothing at InWear is conveniently wrinkle-free.

“It is made of silk so when you wash it, you don’t have to do anything,” she said. “Just put it on the hanger and just air-dry.”

At the request of its clientele, an increasingly environment-friendly approach has been a top priority for InWear

Lise Pintal, Label Manager for InWear, said listening to their customers is not only good business, it’s good for the environment. “We have no choice,” she said. “We have a big team in Denmark that is finding new fabrics every day to be more responsible and to sell the best product at the best price. The consumers are asking for more environmentally-friendly clothing.”

Fashion Buyer Genevieve Samson, who has been working for Les Cours Mont-Royal for the past 15 years, said she comes to InWear four times a year to evaluate what will be in the store each season. “I do it to please my downtown clientele,” she said.

Samson thinks that is not only exceptional in its quality but is also underrated. “I think that InWear isn’t well-known enough in Downtown Montreal,” she said. “It can be more known. It’s not well-known because it’s a brand that’s not available everywhere.”

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