Editor’s note: This is the last in a series of eight columns that have been appearing every week on our website. To see what you missed, visit TheSuburban.com and look for The Moving Maven.

Moving Day is here at last. All your hard work and preparation are about to pay off. Set your alarm clock at least one hour before the movers are scheduled to arrive, set a backup alarm on your phone, get dressed, have your coffee and let’s go!

For the last 20 years I have seen many interesting, sometimes humorous and unexpected things happen on moving day. I can’t tell you how many people have lost their contracts, can’t find their keys, packed their cheque books, can’t find their wallet or credit cards, forgot to charge their phone, or even forgot to pack an entire closet or kitchen cabinet? Unfortunately, the answer is, very often. So here are a few things to remember on moving day:

Before your movers arrive:

  • Finish packing your last-minute boxes
  • Put your overnight bag (survival kit) and your personal items in your car
  • Grab a case of water for yourself and the movers – no alcohol please.
  • Make sure your phone is on or that the movers have a way to reach you in case of emergency

When your movers arrive:

  • Introduce yourself and find out who the team leader of the day is so you can direct any questions or concerns to them
  • Confirm that they have the correct contract information
  • Since your movers will most likely expect payment in full at the end of the day, confirm that you have the correct form of payment readily available

Before you leave for your new location:

  • Do a walk through to make sure that nothing has been left behind
  • Check that the movers have the correct new address
  • Make sure you have the keys for the new location
  • Lock-up and get ready to move on

Moving Maven tipping tip:

I am constantly asked what is considered an acceptable tip. Tipping your movers is not a contractual obligation and is at the customer’s discretion. If you feel that your moving crew have provided you with an efficient and well-rounded service, tipping is recommended to show your appreciation. The team’s efficiency, treatment of your property, their positive attitude and even humour are factors. The amount could be anywhere from a cup of coffee to $50 or more per mover.

I hope that my Moving Maven weekly tips have helped make your move a success with little stress. I would really enjoy hearing your feedback, comments and success stories. Please share them with us on Murry Transport’s Facebook page. And if you have found some of your own moving tips that may help others for their moves, I’d love to learn them.

We wish you a stress-free successful moving day. Good luck!

Shari Feigenbaum is the Managing Partner of Murry Transport, a family-owned moving company proudly serving Greater Montreal and surrounding areas since 1998. For more information call 514-995-8737 or email info@murrytransport.com

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