Montréal Space for Life announces that the reopening of the Biodôme has been postponed. Montrealers will have to wait until the spring of 2020 to rediscover this iconic facility in its new guise. The delay is due to a combination of different factors, including the complexity of this unique project and the current difficult situation in the construction industry,with the project contractor explaining that it is having to deal with a shortage of specialized tradespeople, as well as procurement problems.

“The decision to postpone the reopening is a reflection of the reality of the construction situation and the Biodôme’s high standards for animal welfare,” states the press release. “The Biodôme cannot reopen until its new animal habitats are fully satisfactory and the animals have had time to become acclimated to their new surroundings. The new time frame will not have any impact on animal welfare, as the regular residents of the Biodôme have been relocated temporarily to other zoological institutions and will stay there until their new homes are ready. Among the animals cared for by Biodôme staff, there have even been a number of births since the start of the work. Life goes on!”

The Biodôme Migration, which is the result of an international architectural competition, is an unconventional, one-of-a-kind project. With this impressive transformation, visitors to the new facility will enjoy a unique experience, with new perspectives from high up, redesigned animal habitats and a brand-new mobile app to enhance the visitor experience.

—Espace pour la vie


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