WE Day, an inspiring youth empowerment event and celebration of social good, returned to Théâtre St-Denis for WE Day Montreal, bringing together thousands of students and educators from across the province united to celebrate world-changing actions.

Joined by compelling speakers, dynamic performers and innovative thought leaders including WE Charity co-founder, Craig Kielburger, alongside Sarain Fox, Margaret Trudeau, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, Elijah Woods, Jamie Fine and more. The event celebrated and recognized over 2,000 students and teachers creating a lasting change in their local and global communities.

Woody Belfort

Accessibility and equality advocate

“My ultimate goal is to change the way society sees people living with disabilities. So many people unconsciously judge others’ limits because of their abilities. But it’s up to us to define our own limits and then defy them anyway! It’s up to us to choose what we want to accomplish, even when the idea seems out of this world.”

Margaret Trudeau

Celebrated Canadian, author and mental health advocate

“At WE Day, we talk about being givers, doers and world changers. This past summer I had the extraordinary opportunity to visit WE’s development projects in Kenya where I saw firsthand the huge difference WE is making in the lives of people in rural Kenya. I saw firsthand the power of education, especially when it came to clean water.”

Daryl Haggard

Astronomer and Assistant Professor of Physics at McGill University

“So look around you now and think about how this crowd, this amazing confabulation of people can work together, can become a collective, can make art and science and society more creative, more inclusive, more amazing. See yourself as those artists.”

Hasina Kamanzi

Artist and Equality Activist

“You may not see yourself as an artist or a creator, but there is space for you. All of you here today have something meaningful to show the world. So, pick up that mic, that pen, that guitar. Tell us your stories and reclaim your narrative. You deserve it!”

—WE Day



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