Action500: Three fun things to do in Dorval

If you’re looking for something fun to do that everyone will enjoy that will also give you memorable experiences that will last a lifetime, then you’ve got to check out Action500 in Dorval.

Not only do they have top-of-the-line go-karting for both kids and bigger kids ages 7-77, but they also have differently-themed escape rooms, laser tag with some of the coolest tech equipment on the market, an arcade and a snack bar. Action500 also has party rooms that you can rent — whether it’s for a birthday party, a bachelor party, or a corporate event. And since they’re open 24 hours, you can get your adrenaline rush day or night.


There’s simply nothing like Sodi karts, which are the fastest in Canada and are the go-to vehicles here. The go-karts (for those 5 feet and taller) are powerful and easy to handle, with an incredible 9 hp (when compared to their 6.5 hp competitors). At Action500, the state-of-the-art track is the largest and the only 100 per cent paved indoor go-kart track in Canada. There’s even a go-kart track for kids that is safe and outfitted with size-appropriate cars on the same safe asphalt track — never concrete.

Escape room

Everyone’s favourite team-building activity is in Dorval. X-CAPE at Action500 is part of the new generation of immersive games. Take on a mission with mechanical and electronic puzzle games, and use your different senses and skills to solve them. Agility, critical thinking, and strong communication skills will be crucial to your success in solving one of the three different themed rooms. Each space is decked out in the coolest, most interactive props and designs, making it all the more engaging. Are you ready to escape reality and dive into one of their X-CAPE escape games?

Laser tag

This laser tag experience is like no other. It’s complete immersion in your favourite video games. New to Canada and exclusively at Action500, kids as young as 7 can take part in more than 30 different missions that are hosted by professional event leaders. Play in seven enormous fields and work your way through incredible urban combat settings. The equipment is reactive — not to mention impressive — with a highly sophisticated marker laser beam that can travel over 1,000 feet and is perfectly safe. The marker has over 15 different options and game styles so you can go over and over again.

So why not check out Action500. Pay them a visit at 1865 Rte. Transcanadienne in Dorval, call 514-254-4244, tool free at 1877.ACTION500, or our website

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