Epiderma raises $16,800 for the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation

From left: Christine Vézina, Director of Finance and Administration at Epiderma; Karine Iseult Ippersiel, Vice-President, Development, Partnerships and Strategic Alliances at the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation; Marie-Pier Frenette, Marketing Director at Epiderma; and Marie-Claude Ravary, Advisor, Partnership and Sponsorship at the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation.

In an ongoing effort to contribute to the wellbeing of women, Quebec-based company Epiderma once again led a fundraising campaign this year during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As a result, Epiderma was able to raise $16,800 within its network, which it donated on November 7 to the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation. As Marie-Pier Frenette, Marketing Director at Epiderma, says “we are in touch with a quarter of a million people at Epiderma, so we are particularly sensitive to what people affected by breast cancer, either directly or indirectly, go through.”

Nathalie Tremblay, President and CEO of the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation stated that “each donation improves the accessibility to more effective treatments for people in Quebec, thereby helping to improve their chances of surviving the disease. We sincerely thank Epiderma.”

This year in Quebec, 6,500 people will be diagnosed with breast cancer, 1 per cent of whom will be men. Among women aged 20 to 49, breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths, while women aged 50 to 69 are the most prone to this type of cancer. Since its creation 25 years ago, the Foundation has made a significant contribution towards improving the five-year survival rate, up from 74 to 88 per cent.

For 25 years, the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation has made people living with breast cancer and their families the focus of its mission through research and innovation as well as support and awareness. As a pioneer in promoting breast health, the Foundation has conducted extensive awareness campaigns over the years by launching new initiatives each year to inform the public about adopting healthy lifestyles, while advocating preventive breast screening through the self-exam for breast awareness and mammography.

Epiderma provides anti-wrinkle injection, skin peel, microdermabrasion, varicose veins, couperose, facial care, skin tag, cellulite and hand rejuvenation treatments as well as body contouring, laser tattoo removal, and laser hair removal services in addition to offering an exclusive line of specialized cosmetic products.

—Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation



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