Canadian Institute for Health Information providing latest COVID-19 data

As health systems across Canada grapple with COVID-19, the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) has been responding to requests from governments, health systems and the media for relevant data and information to help understand and support decision-making around the pandemic.

To consolidate this information in one place and make it more broadly available, CIHI is launching a new COVID-19 web page containing relevant publicly available information, including its own reports and data, as well as external information that its data experts have reviewed and validated.

At launch, CIHI’s new COVID-19 web page includes the most recent information we have available on topics such as

  • Health care workers: number of doctors, nurses and some allied health professionals
  • Hospital capacities: number of hospitals, ICU beds, ventilation use, wait times
  • Health care expenditure: public health, hospitals, physicians, drugs

In addition, CIHI will validate and make available credible COVID-19–related health information from other sources through and our social media channels. Currently, we have included

CIHI will be reviewing and updating these resources as required and adding new information as it becomes available. Canadians are encouraged to check the website regularly.

“We know that health systems across Canada are working around the clock to respond to COVID-19 and that the public has an appetite for relevant information right now,” says David O’Toole, President and CEO, CIHI. “We will continue to provide reliable health data related to the pandemic to inform Canadians and help provide context.”

— Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI)

— AB

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