John Abbott College set to reveal Hall of Distinction

Recognizing individuals who have made an indelible mark on John Abbott College and beyond is a tradition on campus since 2016. The Hall of Distinction inductees are alumni, employees, and friends of the College. The 2019 list of honorees will be unveiled Friday, September 20, 2019.

The nine people selected for this honour personify the dedication and hard work that has shaped John Abbott College in so many different ways. They are:


  • Doug Anakin: Physical Education teacher, founder of the Outdoor Education program
  • Bob De Jean: Mathematics Teacher
  • The late Kirk MacGeachy: Geosciences Teacher
  • The late Anita Neale: Founding member of the Academic Advising department
  • Vivianne Silver: French Teacher and Coordinator of Women's Studies and Gender Relations


  • Joel Austen: Social Science ’91
  • Wanda Bedard: Science ‘79
  • Shirley Cueillierrier: Police Technology ‘81
  • Michael Soles: Social Science ‘86

As this is cause for celebration, an evening has been planned at the College that is open to all who wish to attend. Most of the inductees will be on hand for the evening. Tickets to the cocktail, served at 6 p.m. in the Agora, with a supper shortly thereafter, cost $50 per person. Contact Lison Desclos ( ) to purchase your tickets.

— John Abbott College

— AB

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