West Island Cancer Wellness Centre’s 2nd Annual Hero Run takes place Oct. 12

The West Island Cancer Wellness Centre’s 2nd annual Hero Run, in partnership with Surrey House Communications will take place this Saturday, October 12, 2019, starting at 1pm. The Hero Run is a 5 KM fundraising family walk/run in and around the city of Kirkland where children, or children at heart, are invited to dress up as their favourite superhero while they run. The starting line is behind the Kirkland Super C at 3700 St-Charles Blvd., and the route runs along a pedestrian path, past Holleufer park.

Register online at www.wicwc.org. The fee is $25 per person and children under 12 are free.

“Cancer impacts the entire family. This fundraiser is special because it allows families to ban together to be heroes for those living with cancer.” said Debbie Magwood, Founder and Executive Director, West Island Cancer Wellness Centre. “I am looking forward to seeing the Hero capes flying over the course.”

The West Island Cancer Wellness Centre (WICWC) is a registered charity dedicated to offering compassionate care and support to anyone experiencing cancer – either having it themselves or supporting someone with cancer. It exists in response to the demand for a whole-person integrated approach to wellness that focuses on improving the health and well- being of people living with cancer by addressing their emotional, physical and spiritual needs. All programs and services are free of charge and are created to fulfill the need for Psychosocial cancer care and to complement traditional medical practices.

—West Island Cancer Wellness Centre


—Surrey House Communications


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