Time for an MGPT spring cleaning: Workout wear and kids' book drive

This April, MG Personal Training invites you to channel your inner Marie Kondo and tidy up! The hard part isn’t parting with stuff; it’s deciding what to DO with it all. Donate, sell, compost, eco-centre, recycle, or save for the BFFs kids? There are 8 different piles —still in your house — of what's supposed to be going out the door.

Workout wear and kids' book drive

MGPT to the rescue, with a plan to make your “old” someone else’s “brand new”, so you can feel good about where stuff is going.

1. Workout wear: pay it forward

Drop off any workout apparel that no longer spark joy for you. MGPT will donate everything to Le Gym Alternatif, a community program offering gym access to homeless and at-risk Montrealers who want to exercise but can't afford the clothing or membership.

This is a joint initiative between the city and the YMCA Downtown and at Guy Favreau.

To learn more, watch this inspiring video to hear how Le Gym Alternatif is men and women in improve their physical and mental well-being.

MGPT (5582A Sherbrooke West) will be a drop-off point for men's and women's exercise apparel and shoes throughout the month of April. Share the word.

2. Kids' books: pass ‘em along

Kids want the same few books 1000 times in a row, then POOF! they’ve moved onto a different handful, never to look at the old ones again. Is this happening at your house? Let’s share these well-loved books back into our community!

Drop off any English and French kids’ books at MGPT throughout the month of April.

Please share the word. On May 1 & 2 come back and select up to 10 new-to-you books! All classes free those days.

—MG Personal Training



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