Remembrance Brothers tour Montreal November 10

Remembrance Brothers: Author Mark Zuehlke and filmmaker Max Fraser

at the Operation Husky Remembrance film and book event in Vancouver, B.C.

A special Remembrance film and book event is touring select locations in Canada this fall to help reclaim lost history of Canadians in World War Two. Its final performance will be in Montreal on Tuesday, Nov. 10 — the day before Remembrance Day — at 7 p.m. at CineStarz, Cote-des-Neiges. The Montreal show caps a six-city tour that began in Whitehorse, Yukon on Oct 27 and went to Vancouver, Kingston, Belleville and Toronto.

Filmmaker Max Fraser and author Mark Zuehlke – aka "The Remembrance Brothers" – are bringing Mark's new book and Max's new documentary directly to audiences. Both the film and the book are about Operation Husky, the 1943 invasion of Sicily, and the emotional 70th anniversary pilgrimage that took place in July 2013. Special guest will be Montreal businessman Steve Gregory, founder of Operation Husky 2013 and president of Canada Company, Quebec,

who is featured in the movie.

Filmmaker Fraser is the son of a WW2 veteran who served in Sicily and Italy, a largely-forgotten campaign where Canadian soldiers waged their first major battles. Fraser's new one-hour documentary is called Bond of Strangers — The Operation Husky Story. It follows 10 Canadians who literally went the distance for remembrance, walking 300k over 20 days in Sicily in 2013 on the 70th anniversary of the invasion. Each day they planted markers to honour the

562 fallen.

Award-winning author Mark Zuehlke was a key part of Operation Husky 2013, serving as trip historian while walking as a member of the group along the path taken by the Canadian Army in WWII. In his first-person account, Through Blood and Sweat, A Remembrance Trek Across Sicily's World War Two Battlegrounds, Zuehlke uses the arduous and poignant task as a focal

point for a contemplative look at the culture of remembrance and the experience of war.

Zuehlke's Canadian Battle Series is published by Douglas & McIntyre.

— Remembrance Films Ltd.

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