Morgan Arboretum launching its annual Benefit Christmas Sale

The Morgan Arboretum is launching its annual Benefit Christmas Sale to be held from Saturday, Nov. 30, until Christmas Eve — an opportunity to contribute to a worthy cause while shopping for the season. They have trees, wreaths, boughs, and firewood for sale. In addition, the Arboretum makes its own 2020 calendar and greeting cards with photos taken at the Arboretum by its Friends. All contributions help keep the forests safe and natural for the visitors. T

For locally-sourced Holidays

With the snow season starting with a bang, it’s hard to forget that end-of-year festivities are right around the corner. At the Gatehouse, all the signs of the beautiful season to come are ever more apparent. In addition to preparing wares for the annual sale, Arboretum staff and collaborators are compiling mailing lists to send best wishes to the volunteers and donors who have made essential contributions to our organisation in 2019.

For the latest tidings of comfort and joy, check out the offerings here:

Have a friend who wants to join the Arbo? New members can take advantage of the winter-spring membership here:

Reminder: The Arboretum is selling firewood from its forests

$10 (tax included) buys 1/20th of a cord or what fits in our recycling bin.

Pick up a load or more at the Gatehouse while supplies last.

For local consumption only

As you know, firewood should never be transported.

—Morgan Arboretum



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