Keller Williams Volunteers Celebrate RED DAY 2019 at Moisson Montréal in Collaboration with Volunteer West Island

Keller Williams recently celebrated RED DAY — a yearly tradition whereby employees put business aside and commit to giving their time to helping others — at Moisson Montréal, Canada’s largest food bank, supplying other food banks, families, and individuals with much-needed assistance. Introduced in 2009, RED DAY — Renew, Energize and Donate — is Keller Williams Realty's annual day of service where associates spend the day assisting non-profit organizations in their communities.

The volunteer initiative in the West Island was coordinated at the company level by Angela Carter-Norris, Director of Broker Services, in collaboration with Volunteer West Island’s Corporate Volunteer Recruitment Program.

"When you enter the warehouse of Moisson Montreal, the first thing that truly makes an impression is just how much food they distribute. The staff was very nice and we had a great experience," stated Angela Carter-Norris.

Volunteers sort donations, organize inventory, assemble food packages, and distribute them among clients on a daily basis to keep this essential community service running.

"It's incredible how much food would actually go to waste if it weren't for organizations like Moisson Montreal," said KW Prestige, Real-Estate Agent.

KW volunteers were warmly welcomed by Moisson’s staff members and Volunteer Coordinator Axelle Delaplace. The many willing hands of the Keller Williams employees helped Moisson Montreal make a difference.

RED DAY at Keller Williams means volunteers for the community!

—Volunteer West Island



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