Les Marchés Tau got a big seal of approval from Pointe-Claire mayor John Belvedere at the official grand opening of their newest store.

“Pointe-Claire is a city that is very serious about the environment,” Belvedere said to those assembled for the ribbon-cutting ceremony Saturday morning. “And your concept, from what I learnt — you have reduced packaging, everything is organic — it really fits into our sustainable program in Pointe-Claire.

“So félicitations, merci beaucoup, and we’re very, very proud to have you here. Congratulations!”

Pointe-Claire city councillors Claude Cousineau (District 1-Cedar Le Village), Paul Bissonette (District 2-Lakeside), Kelly Thorstad-Cullen (District 3-Valois), and Cynthia Homan (District 5-Lakeside Heights) were on hand to witness the mayor and les Marchés Tau co-owners Rob Brown, Gideon Brown and Andrew Facchino officially christen the 35,000 square-foot store, which has been open for business since March.

“What I’m most proud of is that we’ve stayed loyal to our policy, our reputation, our image,” said Rob Brown, who along with his brother Gideon are the grandsons of Les Marchés Tau founder Eli Brown. “We started off as a store of 2,000 square feet on St. Denis and we’re up to a 35,000-square-foot store, but we’ve maintained our integrity. So everything that you find on the floor in this store still reflects the values that we had all those years, 40 years ago.”

This newest store in the Tau family is situated in the same shopping plaza off the Trans-Canada highway and across the parking lot from the previous Pointe-Claire store location.

“I think we close to tripled our staff here since moving over from the old store,” Brown said. “So there are a lot more jobs, a lot of innovation, it’s not just the same old jobs. We need people, all skill sets, and we’re constantly looking for qualified people. So the doors are open and we’re welcoming everybody.”

Longtime Tau customers Joanna and Adam Gacek of Pointe-Claire were among the early shoppers on hand.

“This is actually my first time today,” said Mrs. Gacek, who buys their flour and ginger at Tau. “He’s been here before. It’s great. It’s wonderful. It’s a beautiful ambience, very bright. And I see they have something there that I haven’t seen since I’ve been to Canada, and I’ve been here maybe 30 years, is watercress. I was just saying to my husband, ‘They have watercress! I can make watercress sandwiches!’”

Brown gave the mayor a personal tour of the store prior to the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

“What stood out is the experience,” Belvedere said. “It’s not your typical cookie-cutter grocery store. There’s a theme, there’s a feeling to it. You have stations. You have a coffee bar, a pizza station, fresh fruit, everything is well displayed and inviting. I like it. It’s a great concept, really, really neat.”

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