Explore evolution on The Plant Odyssey at Espace Pour la vie

This summer, Espace pour la vie invites you to discover The Plant Odyssey, a fascinating pathway through the Arboretum at the Jardin botanique. Why trace the history of evolution? To understand where we come from and gain a greater appreciation of how living beings have become interconnected over the millennia. At a time when nature is undergoing change at an accelerating rate, a better understanding of the diversity of the living beings that have developed over millions of years will hopefully provide food for thought. You’ll learn some amazing things and, of course, have lots of fun.

THE PLANT ODYSSEY — opening June 22

  • Guided activities, every day from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. until September 2
  • Jardin botanique de Montréal – Self-guided tour until October 31

To discover the fascinating history of plants, you’ll follow a pathway through time. You’ll feel like you’re in an aquatic environment where it all began, observe the strange ancestors of the plant world under a magnifying glass, touch different kinds of moss, cross wooden footbridges and even dive into the heart of a flower.

As you travel along the path, you’ll make more discoveries. How did plants move from the oceans onto dry land? How did photosynthesis transform life on Earth? Why did they keep growing up toward the light? How did they spread across all the continents?

At the end of your adventure, you’ll be able to project yourself into the next chapter of the odyssey and choose the role you’ll play!


In 2019, Espace pour la vie will be exploring nature and biodiversity through the lens of evolution. How have phenomena taking place over thousands of years resulted in the fascinating history of life on our planet? A complex, exciting story to investigate and discover!

—Espace pour la vie



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