A seventh mural on Saint-Laurent territory

Ian Cytrynbaum, member of Quartier D; Charlotte Badin, Cultural Development Officer in the Borough of Saint-Laurent; Chani Caron Piché, Project and Marketing Manager of Kolab; Berj Merdjanian, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SDC Quartier D; Gil Favreau, Executive Director of SDC Quartier D; Michèle D. Biron, Borough Councillor for the Norman- McLaren district; Aref Salem, City Councillor for the Norman-McLaren district; Jacques Cohen, Borough Councillor for the Côte-de-Liesse district; Alan DeSousa, Mayor of Saint-Laurent; artists Romain Boz and Ankh One; Amélie Roy-Fortin, Kolab Sales and Partnerships Manager; Abdel Hassan Kaoussarani, owner of the JAF Prêt-à-porter shop, and his guest as well as Francesco Miele, City Councillor for the Côte-de-Liesse district, at the inauguration of the Cœurs combattants – Équanimité mural on August 15.

On August 15, artists, merchants, partners and residents joined the Saint-Laurent Council to celebrate the addition of Cœurs combattants - Équanimité on Saint-Laurent territory. This work of art by Ankh One is Saint-Laurent's seventh mural and can be found on the JAF Prêt-à-porter shop at 900, boulevard Décarie.

This festive gathering then continued on to the site of Lorem Ipsum, tile of Romain Boz's fresco, which will soon enhance the container on Place Rodolphe-Rousseau.

Designed like a collage, Cœurs combattants - Équanimité illustrates living together and the environment, among other things—values that are so important to the Borough. This message is moreover reinforced by the addition of calligraphies and an original poem by Alizée Pichot.

"The arts must be accessible, integrated into every resident's daily life and present in various sectors of activity. The addition of these urban works of art offers an even richer cultural experience to the Saint-Laurent population," stated Saint-Laurent's Mayor Alan DeSousa.

Cœurs combattants - Équanimité and Lorem Ipsum were made possible thanks to Ville de Montréal's Programme d'art mural, the collaboration of the non-profit organization Kolab and the Société de développement commercial Quartier D. They are one of the measures of the Borough of Saint-Laurent's Plan local de développement culturel 2018-2021.

—St. Laurent


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