Thousands of Canadian children and youth need a meaningful presence at their side, someone who is ready to help them and reveal their full potential. That's why on September 18, Big Brothers Big Sisters agencies across Canada launched a modernized brand image that will allow them to better highlight the impacts of mentoring.

Big Brothers Big Sisters, an organization that has been active for 106 years providing mentoring services to children and youth, is changing and reintroducing itself to the world! With a new image that better reflects their new mission, approach and "Bigger Together" movement, organizations are inviting Canadians to be part of something bigger: a movement that demonstrates how critical human relationships are to our success, mental health and, well-being.

The main element of the new logo consists of three lines that symbolize the three parties that accompany the youth on their journey: their family, Big Brothers Big Sisters and the volunteer mentor. This modernized look is the result of many months of research and consultation with more than 3,500 volunteer mentors, youths, parents and guardians, mentoring leaders and members of the general public across Canada. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada worked with Bain & Co. and Barkley on the research and brand transformation.

“Mentoring is an essential service, impacting childhood brain development and creating positive cognitive, education, employment, and health outcomes,” said W. Matthew Chater, president and CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada. “Our modernization is meant to engage a new wave of volunteers and donors and give them an opportunity to make a true difference in this world, to change two lives: their own and the life of a young person.”

The new mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters is to enable life-changing mentoring relationships to ignite the power and potential of young people and to prepare them for the future. With the launch of a new logo, they are inviting potential volunteers and donors to join the mentoring movement and ignite the spark that lies within each young person.

A video was released across the country today to highlight the power and potential of young people. Also, on a more local scale, Montreal's Olympic Stadium will light up the sky tonight with the new color of BBBS to mark Big Brothers Big Sisters Day, to celebrate mentoring and to mark the beginning of their movement.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Montreal is dedicated to enabling life-changing mentoring relationships to ignite the power and potential of young people and to prepare them for the future. The agency offers professional mentoring services and an opportunity to acquire and improve personal strengths and interpersonal skills, contributing to a healthier life over the long term. Thanks to the involvement of volunteer mentors and donations from the community of Montreal, the organization currently provides quality mentoring services to more than 1,650 youths.

—Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Montreal


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