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Baylis will not seek re-election

Having informed his colleagues in the House of Commons through a letter and his constituents with a social media posting, Pierrefonds-Dollard MP Frank Baylis will not be seeking a second term.

Baylis told The Suburban his decision for not seeking out a second mandate is, “I never planned on being a career politician and there is not one specific reason.”

Baylis noted the strain on family life being a politician, the many changes he hoped to effect regarding increasing productivity and overall decorum in the House of Commons were contributing factors to his decision.

Baylis worked on two key areas in the last four years: “economic opportunity for all as everyone should get a chance to succeed and providing the opportunities for a well paid job.”

The MP was pleased with increasing the summer student job program to one million dollars a year to help students get paid work. Another aspect he worked on was “social equality as all Canadians, regardless of skin colour, language or religion, should be treated the same.”

One of the biggest challenges he found working in Ottawa was trying to legislate ways to get “more decorum in the House and debates and to be more productive overall as Ottawa can do better.”

And while he will not be running again, Baylis wrote to his colleagues that “please do not consider this a goodbye” he added that he has been an active contributor to the Liberal party for the last 40 years and that he is looking “forward to helping out in the coming elections.”

“During my time as MP, I have learned that the West Island is a wonderfully diverse community with volunteers who give back in so many ways. I have been truly inspired by their efforts, especially during the floods we experienced this year and in 2017,” Baylis wrote to his constituents.

Their generosity and support during those trying times is only one example of what goes on every day.

“I was very proud to support such a lively and cohesive community,” Baylis noted.

When asked what suggestions he has for the next Pierrefonds-Dollard MP, he said that “everyone brings their own set of skills. I came from a business background while the former MP came from social work. Use what you are good at and expand your horizons as well.”

Baylis also thanked his staff, fellow West Island MPs, mayors, councillors and family for their support during his four year tenure as Pierrefonds-Dollard MP.

Vaudreuil-Soulanges MRC partners with food bank for flood victims

Having partnered up with area food bank Moisson Sud-Ouest , the Vaudreuil-Soulanges MRC, that represents 23 off island municipalities, is holding an event for victims of the recent flooding to come and receive some well deserved gifts and help.

The event is taking place tonight at the Très-Sainte-Trinité Church basement located in Vaudreuil-Dorion starting at 4:30 p.m. and running until 8 p.m.

A food collection that has already taken place by the food agency will be distributed, along with toilet and hygiene care products, to anyone affected in the recent flooding.

Interested participants need simply bring a bill that shows your home address. For those unable to make tonight’s event, affected flood residents can redeem fifty dollar gift cards for groceries at Vadureuil-Dorion’s Centre d’action bénévole L’Actuel starting tomorrow and running until the beginning of August.

Anthony / Photo: Courtesy Shari Feigenbaum 

Shari Feigenbaum, the Managing Partner of Murry Transport, has seen it all during her 20 years in the moving business.

Anthony / Photo: Courtesy Andrew Torriani  

Andrew Torriani, president and CEO of the Ritz-Carlton Montreal hotel, with his daughter Stephanie Torriani will take part in the two-day fundraising ride to Quebec City on July 6-7.

Rob Amyot The Suburban 

“I hope to win the championship with my team and go to Nationals and to win it,” said Magali Gagne (right). “Also, I hope to finish at the top of the top scorers.”