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Starlit runway action with Moda Sotto le Stelle.

Montreal to create 3,000 hectare green space park

Last week, Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante announced that a new 3,000 hectare green space park will be created and will be named the Grand parc de l’Ouest (Grand Western Park).

The area in question encompasses various established green spaces such as Cap-Saint-Jacques, l’Anse-à-l’Orme and Rapides-du-Cheval-Blanc among others.

“With more than 3,000 hectares in area, the new park will be the largest municipal park in the country,” Plante said at a press conference. “This is a historic moment marking a major turning point in protecting wetlands and to value our green spaces. This park will ensure the protection of ten percent of green space on the island of Montreal.”

Pierrefonds-Roxboro Mayor Jim Beis questioned the move because he said there had been no consultation with private developers who own some 300 hectares in that area. “This announcement is premature because there has been no talks with the developers yet. The city may say it will buy the land but it hasn’t talked to the owners,” Beis said.

There will also be about 200 hectares in the heart of Montreal will also be preserved allowing the continued safety of a variety of “ecosystems and protecting green spaces allowing Montrealers a better contact with nature,” noted Executive Committee Vice President Sylvain Ouellet said.

The city also believes that the protection of the new 3,000 hectare green space will help with climate change concerns as well as buffering certain sectors from future flooding like in Pierrefonds-Roxboro.

Starting this fall, the city of Montreal will be holding public consultations on the new park’s future and will be seeking input from residents on what they would like to voice their suggestions and or concerns.

Children’s Wish Foundation and Cadillac Fairview helped get Sarah-Léane to Iceland

REM starts prep work in SADB

Starting tomorrow and running until September 6th, the REM light rail project will begin preparatory work in Sainte Anne-de-Bellevue and work will run from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., seven days a week.

The work is being done on the northern portion of Highway 40 between Lee Avenue and Morgan Boulevard and the work will be done by the building consortium NouvLR. The prep work will be the beginning as the construction work for the new Sainte Anne-de-Bellebvue based station will begin in earnest this fall.

Most of the work will be done on public domain land as workers need to clear trees so that REM access roads can be built as well as preparing the infrastructure for the new upcoming station.

The work will be monitored by experts in environmental practices and any at risk tree, shrub or species will be removed and transplanted elsewhere and any deforestation that occurs will be replanted within the territory with ten percent more trees added to replace those lost.

Having never experienced the kind of flooding shown above that some West Island municipalities suffered through this past May and in 2017, the city of Pointe Claire has been able to have all 265 homes designated in the new SPZ removed from the new flood map.

Anthony / Photo: Zoo de Granby 

With 1,500 animals from 225 countries, it’s unrealistic to think you’ll see every one, so it’s best to plan which of the zoo’s four areas tickles your fancy, and head for those first.

Rob Taussig The Suburban 

“They are a very good technical, tactical team,” Lakeshore coach Les Wiseman said. “The ball moves well, they’ve had a lot of success this year, individually and as a team. So the development is excellent so far this season.”