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Pets reduce stress and make employees feel more relaxed and comfortable. A pet-friendly workplace tends to increase employee satisfaction and improve morale.

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In Game 3 at the Civic Centre on Friday, Matt Choupani scored twice for Lac St. Louis, including this shorthanded tally, to help the Lions take a 2-1 lead in the best of five semi-final series against the Chevaliers.

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Gerard and Amélie Melki at work on Ecuadorean mission.

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Jamaica welcomed movers and shakers from around the world to Caribbean Travel Marketplace this year at the S Hotel in Montego Bay.

JAC’s Loonie Line breaks record for the S.A.F.

In 1999, The Student Assistance Fund (S.A.F) was created as part of the John Abbott College Foundation to enable less fortunate students to receive an education without too much financial stress.

The fund is used to help students who are having trouble covering all of their expenses while extending school and the assistance fund can help a student with diverse concerns like registration fees, textbooks and even groceries.

Since 2003, every year John Abbott College takes part in the Loonie line where a long line of masking tape is set up from the Casgrain Centre to Stewart Hall, a distance of almost 700 feet and students are asked to tape one or two dollar coins on the line for the fund.

This year’s edition was held last Wednesday raised a record amount of $20,918 , an impressive total considering there are about 6,500 students registered for day classes.

The John Abbott College campus took on a remarkable look and feel yesterday, raising $20,918 for the Student Assistance Fund.

“Everyone can use some help occasionally and if that means helping a student stay in school, the Assistance Fund at John Abbott is there for them,” said JAC Communications Director Debbie Cribb.

“The Fund is set up to help with groceries, textbooks, registration fees and much more,” said Cribb.

All of the coins collected go directly towards the Student Assistance Fund.

Ste. Anne’s Hospital property officially transferred to SADB

“Today’s official transfer of the Ste. Anne’s Hospital lands concludes this file and shows that, with good will and leadership, anything is possible,” said Paola Hawa.

The mayor of Sainte Anne-de-Bellevue was referring to last week’s announcement that officially transferred the extra property on the hospital ground for the city to develop as a way of offsetting the annual tax transfers. The original deal was proposed to the city by the Montréal West Island Integrated University Health and Social Services Centre (CUISSS), in the summer of 2016.

“I’m proud of the work that has gone into successfully completing this file and of the tenacity we demonstrated despite some obstacles,” Hawa said. “It’s time now to look to the future and to develop this area efficiently for the benefit of Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue’s citizens.”

The city’s next step will be to create a SPP (Special Planning Program) in order to develop the land properly and to make it whatever project chosen to be integrative to the city’s architectural design.

“We are sensitive to the concerns of veterans and civilian residents of Ste. Anne’s Hospital, and I am determined to make every effort to have the future housing project fit in harmoniously with the hospital’s specific vocation,” noted Hawa.

“The presence of Ste. Anne’s Hospital in our municipality remains a major asset for our economic vitality, and we wish to extend our special relationship with its beneficiaries and staff,” said the mayor.”

The city’s plan is to create housing needs that cater to senior citizens, retired or almost retired, who still want to live in the West Island and the dfqvelopmwent will take place on the northern sector of the hospital.

Our vision is to provide future residents with a peaceful neighbourhood that’s a good place to live,” said Hawa.