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Childhood friends set to take on Morocco desert in charity rally

Last year at this time, childhood friends Tanya Purcell St-Michel and Kirkland resident Emilie St-Laurent decided they would take part in a charity rally race that will see the two braving the desert in Morocco in a 4 x4 next October.

“Tanya had the reason to take part and I like to challenge myself but the humanitarian aspect of the trip was the main factor,” St-Laurent told The Suburban.

The two will be taking part in the Cap Fémina adventure, an event only for women that includes a racing aspect with pairs taking on various courses using their orienteering skills in the rally race format.

In the race, there is no GPS allowed. “We will trek through various stages of track and sand dunes in the dessert, with only the help of a compass and a road book to guide them,” said St. Laurent. “Daily qualifying is based on the ability to navigate the desert while achieving daily mileage goals.”

The humanitarian component takes place at the end if each day’s race, the event runs from October 3rd to the 15th. “We will have the opportunity to meet local people, immerse ourselves in their culture and hand them over several commodities,” said St. Laurent. “In addition, we will have the opportunity to help in the reconstruction of a school, leaving a lasting mark of our passage and giving back where it is needed most.”

The childhood pals want to raise $18,500 for two local charities as well.

Despite having no rally experience, Purcell St-Michel and St. Laurent have been taking seminars on driving off road as well as “learning how to orientate with a compass because speed is not a factor in the race but rather precision,” said St. Laurent.

The local charities that St. Laurent and Purcell St. Michel are supporting are Les Oeuvres Léger Feed A Child Program and the Crohn’s Disease Foundation. To find out more about these charities, go online at www.leger.org/actions-au-quebec/feed-a-child and www.crohnsandcolitis.ca.

The two friends’ adventures can be followed via Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/team381/?ref=bookmarks

SPVM catch three robbers who had been targeting DDO

Last Wednesday, Montreal Police caught three suspects, two of whom were underage, who had been committing break-ins in Dollard-ders-Ormeaux two days earlier as well as last year.

On Monday, January 29th, two residences in DDO were broken into and after the robberies were reported, officers noticed a link between three similar break-ins that had taken place in DDO in 2017.

The main suspect, 19 year old Mouad Chafiq El Idrissi,allegedly drove around DDO neighbourhoods with a minor accomplice in tow. The minor would then ring the doorbell of targeted homes and if no one answered, would go inside and steal items while Chafiq El Idrissi served as lookout outside.

This past Wednesday, Chafiq El Idrissi, along with two minors, were caught redhanded by police as they were trying to gain access to yet another residence in DDO. He has been before the courts already to face charges of breaking and entering and conspiracy while the two minors were charged with the same two counts as well as possessing tools required to burgle and having more than $5,000 in stolen property as a result of the thefts.

Montreal investigators believe that Chafiq El Idrissi is connected to other similar break ins and current open cases. Anyone with information on these or other break in cases taking place in DDO should call Info-Crime at 514.393.1133. Information may be given confidentially.

Photo: Le Centre Sheraton Montreal 

Le Centre Sheraton Montreal’s contribution to La Poutine Week consisted of Pacific Rock cheese, classic cheese curds, local smoked meat, and fingerling potatoes, all topped off with a red wine sauce emulsified with foie gras.

Mark Lidbetter The Suburban 

“I had seen and been impressed with what the complex had to offer when I got to check it out before Pierrefonds teams went there,” Fern Da Silva said. “It was through our contact that the opportunity presented itself for me to join the team there and it was one I could not pass up.”