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Street in Killarney

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“I think we had a plan to respect, but it was more winging it than [following it],” said Mirabel coach Nicolas St-Pierre. “We know Fabrose has a really good reputation as a club and we wanted to show our abilities and that we can do well, we have a project, and a vision.”

UNFOLD raises curtain

A highlight of Laval’s arts calendar is the unveiling of the dance season at Maison des arts, and this year’s line-up features a full roster of stellar and provocative performances, including the November arrival of UNFOLD | La conférence dansée by Danièle Desnoyers, artistic director and choreographer of Le Carré des Lombes. Aimed at both neophytes and dance enthusiasts, UNFOLD consists of a performance halfway between an open rehearsal and a more formal presentation, as Desnoyers raises the curtain on what it means to design a choreography and her approach to dance. A live video transmission system allows the public to access the content of the notebooks she toils on as five to seven dancers punctuate the statement in an intimate experience that gives meaning to what choreographic creation is all about.

For information visit https://www.laval.ca/maisondesarts/Pages/Fr/danse.aspx