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Chomedey cools down Beauport 3-0 in blistering heat

As the sun and humidity blazed down on the turf, Chomedey and Beauport’s U17M AAA teams got ready to face off in what ended in a 3-0 game for Chomedey.

Jean Wilstandly Lord, one of the teams’ MVP’s of the game, scored the first point for Chomedey, to set the stage for the win.

In the second half, Beauport had a chance to catch up with a penalty kick, which Chomedey saved—a move that helped them win them the game when they were up 1-0.

“If he hadn’t made that save, it would have been a very different game,” said coach Boubacar Coulibaly. “I think he’s one of the best goalies in the league.”

Matthew Coelho and Mbuyi David Mutombo brought on Chomedey’s landslide victory, with Jeremy Doucet being named the game’s second MVP.

“[Beauport] is a very good and well-coached team so we prepared for a week before this game,” said Coulibly.

“It was one of the best games of the season. We know the other team was very well organized and had a lot of players on the ball, so we knew to be patient and move the ball around. It was important to play a bit slower to beat a team like that.”

In the second half, Beauport picked up the game but were unable to capitalize on it—ultimately, Chomedey kept the upper hand.

“The boys worked until the end and we kept working. I think the whole match we weren’t able to show our best qualities,” said Beauport coach Fabrice Lassonde.

But, he added, they knew they were up against a strong adversary and that the game would be a complicated one.

“I don’t think today’s match reflects our season because today we weren’t able to score. Typically we have an average of three points per game,” said Lassonde. “We have a lot to learn from today.”