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Green lifestyles, homes, and products have been in demand for much longer in Europe and in western North American cities. But the trend is moving east.

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“I think the girls are – they’ve only been playing for a few weeks – so they’re learning and growing and they’re getting to know the game better,” said LCC head coach Michelle Daigneault.

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The Cancun sign at the Beachwalk restaurant is Instagram-worthy at the JW Marriott Cancun.

NDG’s Queen ‘E’ opens new super ‘breast care’ clinic

With little more than a short speech and a glass of wine to celebrate the opening of the new breast care center, Joanne Mastro’s sincere gratitude let both ‘Sal’ (Salvatore) and Diane Gurera understand how much the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex appreciates their timely and generous support. Not only have the couple been generous supporters of the community health complex since 2001 when they initially sponsored the centre’s first mammography machines, but as of last week’s reception, Mastro announced that the Gurera couple also sponsored the breast-care centre’s new specialized ultra-sound equipment.

“Needless to say, without your constant and generous support, we would not have been able to serve the community as well as we have for the greater part of the past two decades,” said Mastro. “And we wouldn’t be opening this excellent new facility today.”

As the new president of the Queen ‘E’s Board of Directors, Mastro is both a retired teacher and a senior academic administrator who understands how much a community’s institutions can define the community’s own issues

“Back in 1995, I still remember going up and down the street to convince my neighbours to join the demonstration to save the Queen Elizabeth Hospital,” said Mastro. “It’s been over twenty years since the Parizeau government closed down the hospital, but now they’re gone, and we’re still here.”

As both a Director of the MUHC’s Emergency Medicine Department as well as the director of the QEHC’s ‘super-clinic, Dr. Mark Roper told his audience that thanks to the new equipment, “...the Queen ‘E’ is now one of the best – if not the best breast care facility in the city.”

“Not only do we have some of the best (medical) talent in the city, but we also have all the equipment – including both the digital imagery and the ultra-sound that we need to provide women with the care they need in a single clinic.”

As the Director – General of the CURE Foundation, Robyn Dalton was pleased to see the new specially designed ultra-sound equipment because she knows what it can do to help women cope with a cancer diagnosis.

“Early detection is a key factor,” said Dalton. “And this equipment will do a lot to help doctors detect tumors long before a tumour can be felt or become visible on an x-ray. This is going to make a big difference for a lot of women,” said Dalton, “...and it’s going to save lives.”

Montrealers unite to celebrate Israel's 71st anniversary

Some 10,000 Montrealers turned out in droves downtown last Thursday in sunny, mild spring weather to joyfully take part, dance and sing in celebration of Israel’s 71st anniversary of independence.

The downtown event, organized by The Partnership, attracted supporters from the Jewish, Chinese, Italian, Filipino, Ukrainian and Greek communities.

Among those on hand were Israeli Consul-General David Levy and Deputy Consul-General Rotem Segev, new Italian Consul-General Silvia Costantini, German Consul-General Kathrin Misera-Lang, Conservative Senator Leo Housakos, Conservative MP Michelle Rempel, Liberal Mount Royal MP Anthony Housefather, Nicholas Pagonis President of the Hellenic Community, Don Ivanski of the Ukrainian National Congress, Montreal opposition leader and Côte des Neiges-NDG councillor Lionel Perez, Xi Xi Lee Director-General of Family Services of the Chinese Community, and mayors and councillors from Côte St. Luc, Hampstead, St. Laurent, Dollard des Ormeaux.

Breakfast Television’s Catherine Verdon-Diamond, who lived in Israel for four years, hosted for the third year in a row. The audience was wowed by performances from Cantor Daniel Benlolo and the Sawuti Children’s Choir from Uganda.

Levy told the cheering crowd that May 9 was not only the 71st anniversary of Israel’s independence, but also the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Canada and Israel.

As he did last year, Levy invited special guests from various communities to light a Menorah on stage. The first was Xi Xi Lee, director general of Family Services for the Chinese Community of Greater Montreal.

“Happy birthday, Israel!” she said.

The second guest was Reverend Orlan Racacho of the Fellowship Bible Baptist Church and a prominent member of the Montreal Filipino community.

“I love you, Israel, Shalom everyone!” Reverend Racacho said. “We bless you and share with you the pride of the Philippines, which was the only Asian country in 1948 to recognize Israel in the United Nations as the only sovereign nation under God! We love Israel!”

The third guest to light a candle was the Italian Consul-General, who began her speech in Hebrew to loud applause.

“I’m happy to join you and the Israeli and Jewish community in Montreal to celebrate together,” Costantini said. “Like Canada, this also marks the 70th anniversary of the start of diplomatic relations between Italy and Israel. In these seven decades, Israel and Italy have developed a solid friendship with an excellent level of cooperation in a wide range of areas. We continue to work together to expand and enhance this partnership every single day!”

The next candle lighters were Federation CJA president David Amiel and Communauté Sépharade Unifiée de Québec president Jacques Saada.

“For those who question, just look around you if you want to know what our community looks like— we are united, strong, and we’re here forever,” said Amiel.

Next, from the Greek community, were Senator Housakos and Nicholas Pagonis, president of the Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal.

“Israel is a country that stands for democracy, freedom of religion, it is the beacon for peace in the Middle East,” Housakos said. “As former Prime Minister Stephen Harper said, ‘we will stand shoulder to shoulder through fire and water!’ I’m particularly proud, as a member of the Conservative Senate caucus, that my leader Andrew Scheer will recognize Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel! Unlike some politicians that just talk the talk, we will walk the walk and we will never stand for a Jerusalem that’s divided. Never, ever, ever!”

“Long live the State of Israel!” said Pagonis.

Next to light candles were Canadian veterans Alexander Sexton and Léopold DeMontigny.

Levy lit the last candle “on behalf of all the Canadian and Israeli diplomats, who for the last 70 years, promoted Canada-Israel relations, the people behind the State visits, the agreements, the trade delegations... the people who build the bridges that connect our two countries.”

A video message from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was played

“The Jewish people have achieved something that no other people have achieved — we are the only people who live on the same land, of the same name, speak the same language and have the same faith as we had 3,000 years ago,” Netanyahu said. “But what an odyssey did we undergo — such trials and tribulations, and suffering... but we came back to our land and 71 years ago, we reclaimed our independence. We built a State, and an army, and built a thriving economy that is a wonder to the entire world. And we built a democratic, free society for Jews and non-Jews alike that is a beacon of light in the heart of the Middle East. It’s a hope among the nations and a hope for the nations.”

“I’m here to recognize that 71 years ago, Jewish people from around the world came to Israel after the Holocaust and today Israel is one of the freest, strongest democracies, with a strong economy,” Michelle Rempel, the Calgary Conservative MP, said. “Yet, Jewish people and the State of Israel face threats every day. We have to appreciate that the Jewish people are indigenous to their homeland of Israel, and the world has to understand that, every day, we have to stand together and protect this wonderful place.”

A video was played featuring Conservative leader Andrew Scheer.

“Israel is one of Canada’s strongest allies, and a beacon of pluralism and democratic pluralism, in a turbulent part of the world,” he said. “Our bilateral ties are deep and meaningful. I am proud of our longstanding support for Israel, and it was our Conservative Prime Minister [Harper] who was the first Canadian Prime Minister to address the Knesset. And Conservatives recognize the obvious fact that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Israel has a right to determine where its capital is located.”

Housefather addressed the crowd.

“When I speak in the House of Commons to denounce BDS (the anti-Israel boycott, divestment and sanctions movement), the new form of anti-Semitism; when I speak out in the House of Commons to denounce anti-Semitism of every type; when I call for national action plans to combat anti-Semitism after we see B’nai Brith’s audit showing over 2,000 anti-Semitic acts happening in Canada last year; and when I work with the government to make sure we always defend Israel at the United Nations and international institutions, we know the relationship with Israel is in Canada’s interests,” the MP said. “The world needs more Israel!”

A video was then played of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who also hailed the close Canada-Israel relationship.

“We are partners, allies and close friends,” he added. “Earlier this week, we strongly condemned the rocket attacks on Israel by Hamas and other terrorist groups. Canada will continue to stand proudly with Israel, including through our strong support at the UN. That’s why we’ll also continue to condemn BDS and any movement that attacks our Israeli friends, Jewish-Canadians and the values we share.”

Trudeau also mentioned the two attacks on synagogues in the United States by anti-Semites in recent months.

“Those acts have no place in our world. Attacks against the Jewish community are attacks against all of us.”

Prizes were also given out at the rally, including an Apple Watch, two $500 Visa gift cards and a trip for two to Israel on El-Al.