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Urban Laval: Reflecting the pulse and please of your city

Today we are launching our renewed Laval edition entitled Urban Laval. We’ll still bring you the most important news that affects you and your families, but we will be shifting our main focus to give you a weekly taste of the pulse and pleasures of Quebec’s third-largest city, and one of Canada’s fastest growing ones.

Though the links with Montreal remain close, more and more of you are spending your leisure time right here at home in this fast growing city that has witnessed tremendous development in the past decade. Not just business and industrial development. But development of the arts, culture, nightlife and a panoply of places to see and public treasures to enjoy.

There are so many new activities and and success stories that it is sometimes hard to keep up. Urban Laval will make sure you miss none of the joys of Laval living. We will strive to bring the Laval scene to your door every week.

We’ll keep you up-to-date on the hottest and trendiest nightspots, restaurants, events and shows. But we’ll also write about the best places to take care of you. The spas. The salons. The gyms. From hair stylists to haberdashers. We’ll bring you face to face with the people that are making things happen and who you need to know about to know what’s going on.

There will be sections of lifestyle interest for all demographics. From what to do and where to go with the family to the “Seniors Beat” to the personality of the week. We will go behind the scenes to bring you stories about Laval’s hidden gems that aren’t always in the public eye. Do you know that Laval has one of Quebec’s finest vineyards that you can visit and sample the wines? Most of all we want to see you reflected in our pages.

Our stories will reflect the diversity of your thriving cultural communities.We’ll have streeters that focus on questions relevant to your lives and you’ll see your opinions and faces in these pages. We’ll be in your neighbourhoods and on your streets. And we’ll cover local sports with team reviews, pro and collegial as well as all the amateur endeavours from novice to beer leagues. We’ll take you around city hall to show you what you need to know and how its operations and managers affect your lives. And there’ll be plenty of features focusing on the “I bet you didn’t know” facts and fun of your home town.

In short, Urban Laval will not only be a must read, but will find a place on your coffee tables and kitchens all week long as your planner for enjoying the good life that is Laval.

What's your favourite restaurant in Laval?

Franky Gauthier


I go to Table 51 in Carrefour Laval, and Marathon Souvlaki at Notre Dame and Curé Labelle. But I'm going to choose Boston Pizza at Centropolis. If you want to eat a good pizza, you go there! I like the Hawaiian pizza — the pineapple, the ham and a lot of cheese, and the crusty bread. There's also good service — the people are very nice. You go there, you sit and you eat well!

Jerry Harris


I don't go out too often, and if I do, I go to Prince Arthur in Montreal sometimes. I used to go to Chenoy's, but the one in Chomedey is closed. They had good smoked meat, their ingredients were good. There's also Dunn's Famous Laval on St. Martin. It's a good place for me to go sometimes.

Mohamed Aldick


My favourite restaurant in Laval would be at the Centropolis, a place called Sukho Thai. The service and the food are great, and the location is nice as well. I usually order something with shrimp, with their curry red sauce. As I said, there's really good service, but you have to make a reservation before you go. I would recommend it to anybody.

Kathyna Tuszynska


I like Christina's Cuisine on Notre Dame (which was just a few feet from where the interview took place). There's a great atmosphere and really good food. I like the calamari and the Gyros pita. You really feel like it's homemade.