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Suburban exclusive: Quebec gov't food warnings to stay French-only: gov't official

The Quebec government will not change the policy of posting food safety warnings only in French on the provincial Agriculture, Fisheries and Food website, Eric Jabbari, political advisor at the Office of the Premier, told Hampstead lawyer Harold Staviss in an e-mail, obtained by The Suburban.

A response to Staviss took five months to arrive from government officials.

“According to the Politique linguistique gouvernementale relative à l’emploi et à la qualité de la langue française dans l’Administration, approved by cabinet in 2011, the notices of the MAPAQ (Agriculture, Fisheries and Food ministry) must be in the French language,” Jabbari wrote to Staviss. “There are no plans to change this policy at the present time.”

Staviss, who worked with the late Côte St. Luc councillor Ruth Kovac, has been calling for increased bilingualism from

Whopping 8% increase in spending and big tax hikes for demerged municipalities in Montreal's 2020 budget

The Plante administration produced a balanced budget but with a whopping 8% increase in spending. For the first time Montreal’s budget will exceed $6 billion. Though city boroughs tax increases were held close to inflation in the 2-3% range with Verdun and CDN/NDG the hardest hit, demerged municipalities were slammed with up tp 11% increases in the cases of Beaconsfield and Hampstead.

Spending breakdowns are as follows: 17.4% for public security,16.4% to service debt , another 10.8% will be used to finance the city’s public transit facilities. Another 10% of the city’s money (10.7%

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Ronnie Burkett with the cast of Little Dickens, which is loosely based on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

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“Honestly, I was pretty concerned,” MRO coach Mike Iurascu said. “I felt like we were backing down a little bit, like we weren’t giving as much effort. And we weren’t doing the little things like playing on the outside and stuff like that, that’s what cost us goals. I was worried when it was 2-2 but then our guys came on strong.”