Suzanne Reisler Litwin: My Celebrity Crush

You might be wondering who my celebrity crush is. Could it be George Clooney? Nope. Could it be Liam Hemsworth? Nope. Could it be Jason Momoa? That’s a great sexy possibility, but the answer is still nope.

My latest celebrity crush is… The Chef! Who? What? Where? Who is The Chef?

The Chef is the main character in Instagram’s sensational videos of “The Tiny Chef Show”, www.thetinychefshow or @thetinychefshow. If you get a chance, please watch the video of the Chef baking an apple pie, or any of the videos at

The Chef and The Tiny Chef Show is created by The Tiny Team of Rachel Larsen, Adam Reid, Ozlem “Ozi” Akturk and the tiny voice coach, Steven Michael Michaels. Above and beyond the brilliant team of creators is the wonderfulness world this show provides.

As per my column, Living in the Now, I try to focus on appreciating the simple things in life and extract greater meaning from it. The Tiny Chef Show is exactly what I seek to appreciate. The little details in the show are brilliant, look for the button burners! Also, remind yourself when watching this show is a creation!

I started watching the videos on a super cold night last winter. Then I began to follow the Instagram page. Now I am totally following the storyline of what is going on in the Chef’s world. You might be asking why I am doing this. Doesn’t this seem child-like?

This is in no way child’s play. The Chef is a character, which has the ability to change the world for the better. It is so much fun and joyful that I have become a gushing fan or as we are currently referred to as “Mother Cheffers” or “Cheffers”. I am proud to be a Cheffer!

The Chef’s character is so pure, simply loving, kind, sweet, real, adorable, and JOYFUL!! This world needs more joy. This world needs happy leaders who believe in peace, kindness and diversity. The world is so ready for this funny little herbivore!

I think what I’m also attracted to is watching this simple organic creation grow into a happy industry. I’m very ready for a full length movie and show! Spread more joy! Spread more laughs! Spread more simple purity! Simply smile and enjoy the Chef and his world. I’m so ready for Chef to go Big Hollywood!!

I have a big feeling that The Tiny Chef Show will be a huge success. Already it seems to have momentum and interest in becoming the next big thing.

This past summer, I read on their Instagram page that the creators were selected as one of the New Faces of Comedy at The Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal. The Tiny Team and Chef were presented at the New Faces JFL Event, which I attended.

When their names were announced, I cheered so loud. Here were young fresh faces and creators of a beautiful show. I was so proud of them in their quest to make their dreams come true.

I love watching people and things grow! This is one of those opportunities to watch something simple, organic, joyful and funny grow into a big opportunity.

And… it’s not just about the funny videos. The message is clear. It’s about joy, peace, freedom, food, diversity, inclusivity, pets, sharing, and love. So much love!

At the New Faces Event, I met the Tiny Team creators. They greeted me with the same enthusiasm their videos project. Warm and friendly and full of love. I know I have mentioned the word love many times, but I can’t express how much of it is on display.

Let’s not sway too far from the entertainment factor. The videos are so funny, clever, and brilliantly produced. I will go so far as to say Kitchy Kute! If you know me, I love Kitchy Kute things. Chef’s world is all things tiny and that’s another element of brilliance.

When you can combine brilliant creations with simply pure love and laughter, it’s a win win situation.

As a super gushing fan, all I need to do is sit there and watch this wonderfulness grow and unfold into a major dream come true. I think I have the best seat in the house. You do too. Help yourself to some tiny joy and watch the show begin.

One last note, if you can’t understand what The Chef is saying that’s part of the fun. He has his own language. If you can understand a few words, you are on the right track. It’s a good thing Chef has an excellent voice coach!

UNO and away we go!

—Suzanne Reisler Litwin


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