Suzanne Reisler Litwin: Do What You Love & Love What You Do — Part Two

Welcome to PART TWO of the Spring Series titled: Do What You Love and Love What You Do! This Spring Series is devoted to women who totally love the work they do. Each article features 3 women, from 3 different professions, describing what they do and why they love it. Each woman was interviewed using the same questions, notably some of the responses are similar and some are very different. Highlighted are interesting challenges, insights, and passions each women share. I hope you will continue to enjoy this series as much as I had creating it. Enjoy!

My super sweet friend Lori Dunlap

This week, I welcome you to learn about my adorable, delicious and super sweet friend Lori Dunlap. Lori is in the ice cream and fried dough business. Specifically, she owns an ice cream stand in Seabrook, New Hampshire – right along the beach! Lori started her business, “Dunlap’s Ice Cream” in 2005. Lori states, “When I first opened the stand my boys were 5 and 3, so I had to juggle being a mom and opening a business. It was a lot of work but totally worth it.”

I asked Lori how she feels when she’s working. Her answer is, “Happy!!!!!! I am absolutely passionate about my work. I love what I do and I am definitely a hand on owner. Every day is a great day at the stand. My employees keep me on my toes and I enjoy their stories of the teenage years and I may even toss in my two cents once in a while.”

I asked Lori how she manages her work and personal life. She states, “This is a dream job for me as it is a seasonal business. My ice cream stand is opened only in the spring and summer. It allows me freedom in the fall and winter to watch my boys play hockey.”

When the hot summer months roll around, Lori is very busy at her stand enthusiastically serving a smile! “I absolutely love what I do. I scoop smiles for a living. What could be better than that? I also have an amazing staff comprised of teenagers that hopefully are learning the value of hard work while also incorporating a fun atmosphere.”

Sounds like a dream job to me! Kinda makes me want to give up my day job for a summer gig at Dunlap’s Ice Cream, 418 State Route 286 Seabrook, New Hampshire 03874

Check out “Dunlap’s Ice Cream” on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

By the way, the pictures of her ice cream and fried dough are insane!!! I am absolutely, most definitely, 100% going to visit Lori this summer! And…I will have some sprinkles on that please!

Hairdressing connoisseur Sharon Schwartz

From the super sweetness of Lori Dunlap to the smooth and styling arm of hairdressing connoisseur Sharon Schwartz. Sharon has been in the hairdressing business for 26 years. Really? I thought she was 28???

I asked Sharon if she loves what she does and why. Her answer was, “Of course! Hairdressing is literally in your hands. You never need to depend on having a job, just a pair of scissors and a comb for the most part, talent, and…people who have hair! I get to create wonderful relationships with a variety of people of different gender, nationalities, ages, personalities, etc. While making them look and feel amazing and I get paid for that!”

When I asked Sharon, does her work feel like work, she laughed. She loved the question because she usually says her work feels like someone is coming to visit her and they get their hair done at the same time.

Lately, Sharon has changed her work location for family reasons. She states, “After working a total of 23 years in various salons around Montreal, the last 3 years I divided my time to work more at my home studio in St. Lazare. As of January 2019, I decided to only work part time in my home studio to accommodate my other passion…being a mom who is more present for my 2 young kids.”

Sharon also loves the technical side of hairdressing. She loves the fact that she’s able to continuously learn new techniques and styles throughout her career. This keeps her passionate and interested.

Over the years, many people have asked her if she grew up playing with her Barbie’s hair and/or creating hairdos for her friends. She answers, “Not at all! After choosing to leave my parent’s house right after high school, I thought I could work to support myself while still going to college. I was wrong. I fell into hairdressing because it seemed like a good fit for me. It being creative enough and the courses were being offered in the evenings. As the saying goes, everything happens for a reason, and I’m so glad for that. I could not imagine myself doing anything else!”

I asked Sharon, “What‘s the best part about your work?” She said, “Given the intimate nature of my work, I love that my clients can sit on my chair and relax and unfurl. If they have a problem or a crisis they are dealing with, they will talk and share during the time of their haircut and blow dry. Usually, they leave not only looking great, but feeling great as well. It’s magic!”

It used to take me 10 minutes to get to the Montreal salon where Sharon worked. Now it takes me approximately 40 minutes to get to her home salon. It’s a highway drive which takes me from the city to a country setting. I find the moment I get out of the city bustle, my whole body starts to relax. By the time I get to Sharon’s home studio, I’m ready for my meditative hair cut!

For more information about Sharon Schwartz’s Studio call: 514-803-4359

It’s more than just a haircut and blow dry, it’s a transformative experience, with love!

Talking about love, let’s add some sex!

Introducing to you my dear friend from high school, Dr. Laurie Betito, Clinical Psychologist, Host of “Passion”, CJAD 800 Radio Host, President, Sexual Health Network of Quebec, and Author of “The Sex Bible for People Over 50”. I’m sure there are more titles to add like, Mother, Wife, Sister, and wonderful friend. I will add some more like, healer, helper, health advocate, and passionate caring human. I’m not done, but I think you got the picture.

Dr. Laurie is a force of healing. I asked Laurie, Why do you love what you do? She answered, “I love helping people get stronger, I love helping couples heal and renew their passion, and I love the educational piece. In my job as talk show host, I consider it a privilege to reach so many people and to disseminate sexual knowledge. I’ve been doing radio for 28 years, and I’ve been a therapist for 30 years. I love every one of my “jobs”…I feel that I am living the dream”

The best part of Laurie’s job is knowing that she can make a difference.

While I sat in Laurie’s cozy office, I felt her love for her work. She is clearly passionate about what she does. Notably, the name of her nightly radio show, Passion on CJAD 800 at 10 pm.

I asked Laurie, when you are working, does it feel like work? She shared, “It never feels like work. I’m very happy to go to work every day. It’s more than a job, it’s a passion. A natural calling and I need to do it. I’m never bored with my work. I’m very lucky to have a career which allows for a lot of creativity and independence and reach to a lot of people.”

I loved the answer to this particular question I posed to Laurie. What would you suggest to those who don’t love their work? She suggested, “Find something that you are passionate about. Not everyone has the opportunity to love their job. Find your passion and do it. Could be anything, a sport, something creative. So that life feels more balanced.”

Finding one’s balance is a challenge in a working mom’s life. Which led me to my next question, have you had challenges with your work and your personal responsibilities in life?

Again, Laurie had a very interesting response. She mentioned self-care. So many working Mom’s forget about this. She said, “I have an extremely supportive spouse to do house and kids’ stuff late at night and early in the morning. I couldn’t have done it without his support. I try to keep a balance, so I do activities which are not related to my work, such as painting and sculpture. I do my art which is my creative side, and I’ve taken up boxing. This is how I take care of myself and achieve balance. Of course it’s easier now that my children are grown.

One last wonderful piece of advice from brilliant Dr. Laurie, “Take opportunities and go with it. Don’t be afraid to take on those scary challenges and risks. Keep your eye on the prize.”

For more information about Dr. Laurie Betito go to:,,


Three beautiful, interesting women. Three different perspectives. Three creative, innovative, and passionate women. Whether it’s a smile in a scoop, a feeling of love and beauty from a great haircut, or the sharing of passionate advice, these incredible women provided us with a real path for passion and balance.

I hope you enjoyed Part Two of this series. I loved bringing it to you.

Stay tuned for Part Three with more stories about women who do what they love and love what they do.

Tell us what you think. Do you love what you do and do what you love?

—Suzanne Reisler Litwin


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