Suzanne Reisler Litwin: Do What You Love & Love What You Do

Welcome to the Spring Series titled: Do What You Love and Love What You Do!

This series is devoted to women who totally love the work they do. Each article features three women, from three different professions, describing what they do and why they love it. Each woman was interviewed using the same questions, notably some of the responses are similar and some are very different. Highlighted are interesting challenges, insights, and passions each women share. I hope you will enjoy this series as much as I have in creating it.

I will start with a question, “How did this series idea come about?” At the end of one of my writing courses, my darling student, Gundie Robertson, gave me a note pad as a thank you gift. The note pad has the words, “Do What You Love” written on it. The note pad sits next to me at my office desk. I see it every day and I joyfully remember the words she said when she gave it to me: “Suzanne, I thought of you when I saw this note pad, because I know you love what you do.” It’s true. I love what I do and do what I love.

From this point, I asked some of my friends if they also do what they love and love what they do. The many women I questioned love what they do and share a unique passion for their work. I didn’t want to keep this information to myself. So, I bring it to you!

I hope some will be inspired along the way. Enjoy!


My friend Dorit Hood, in the purist sense, is a Yogi!!! Her business is called, “Build a Better You”. Dorit truly loves being a yoga instructor and a personal trainer. As a typical “Type A” personality she got caught up in the treadmill of life. For years she was running, doing, achieving, performing, and attempting to control her life. One day she took a yoga class and was transported. She says, “I was able to let go of expectations, of my to-do list, and just BE on the mat. I felt there was something magical in the room that enabled this feeling. I wanted to know more, so I took myself to Baja, California and participated in my first 200HR Yoga Teacher Training. The rest is history.”

Dorit has been teaching yoga for five years. When asked if she loves her work, she states, “Professionally speaking, there is nowhere where I'm as happy as when I share a yoga practice with clients. I love the impact I see when they access that feeling of presence, when they feel safe enough to breathe fully, feel good in their bodies, and let go of unnecessary worries. The mind is a time traveler. My role is to keep people in their bodies, in the moment.”

Dorit practices and teaches yoga in her home studio in Hampstead, Quebec. What she loves most is, “Being of service to people. I get to see a client arrive on their mat in a certain state, and within 75 minutes, I often see a different person leaving the mat.” When Dorit teaches yoga, she doesn’t feel like she is working as she is also transported into the present moment along with her clients. She believes, “You cannot teach a yoga class effectively and not be in the moment yourself. I don’t look at it as teaching yoga from a physical perspective; I look at it as creating an experience for my yogis each and every time.”

In closing Dorit suggests, “Not many people have the good fortune to work in an area they love - at least not right away when starting out in life. You've got to look for different experiences. When you find something you ARE passionate about, see if you can actually make a living at it, and if not, create a space in your life for that passion project. Keep the passion in your life, even if you're actually "making a living" doing something else.”

If you are interested in contacting Dorit Hood, please use this link:

Now from a stress releasing job to a highly stressful job…

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to own and run a summer camp? How’s about running two summer camps at the same time?

Meet my friend Laurie Wiseman! She is the owner of Sunny Acres Day Camp and the Operations Director of Camp Wingate, an overnight summer camp. To say the least, this girl has a lot on her plate during the months of June, July, and August. Laurie has been a camper since the age of 10. She states, “Camp is my thing.” At 26 years of age, she purchased Sunny Acres Day Camp. Along with owning the day camp, she also operates an overnight camp called Camp Wingate, which she used to attend as a child. Camp Wingate was previously called Pripstein’s Camp.

When I asked her if working at camp feels like work, she stated, “Running a camp is very hard work and a huge responsibility. But my lifestyle is that I don’t consider it work as it’s a natural progression of my being. Honestly, I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

I guess camping is in her blood. Laurie best describes being a camp director is like being a fireman. Each day she wakes up and wonders, “Ok, what’s coming at me today? Every day is different and filled with challenges. It’s never boring.”

Laurie is able to manage her working life quite easily during the months of September to May. Her working days and times are very flexible and somewhat relaxed. However, once June rolls around the pressure mounts and she’s on guard full time until the end of August. It’s hard to believe, but September is her down time relaxing month.

Laurie feels that camping is very fulfilling as every day in camp is a gift for kids which she is able to provide. As a camper, she experienced the magic of being in camp; therefore, it’s her joy to provide the same experience to other young campers.

For more information about the above mentioned camps, please go to the websites:

Sunny Acres Da Camp:

Camp Wingate:

From a relaxed Yogi, to a high stressed summer camp Director, let’s check in with a new fitness entrepreneur.

Brina Ruckinstein Lewin has seamlessly moved from her passion for competitive ballroom dancing to owning and operating the new hot gym, Xceed Fitness Culture. Brina calls herself, “An always active person, even a Gym Junkie”.

As a wonderfully devoted mom of three boys, Brina was always around during their formative schools years. Her passion for fitness found her dancing competitively for years and working out in the gym. However in time, her sons got older and she was asking the personal question, “What’s next?”

Not one to shy away from a challenge… Along with her fitness partner, Max Smirnov, they opened up an amazing fitness studio. Her next professional challenge was to obtain her certification in athletic training. This she has successfully accomplished as well.

When I asked Brina if she loves her work, she stated, “I love the culture of training, the vibe and energy. I enjoy the clarity and focus.”

Presently, her boys are busy, her gym is busy, and her life is really busy!

Brina’s latest quest is to find a new balance with her now very fulfilling work life and her still busy family life. She is fast approaching the first year anniversary of her gym opening. When I asked how she is able to balance her work and home life she stated, “I have a lot more responsibility now. My biggest challenge is to find my own personal time. I love to read and travel; now it’s a matter of finding the time!”

This great gal has a full plate of activity going on!

For more information about the above mentioned gym, go to:

Stay tuned for more stories about women who do what they love and love what they do.

— Suzanne Reisler Litwin

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