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Family Matters

Reisa Khalifa is a family law attorney in the Montreal area who can be reached at 514-223-8854. Her columns provide general information and are not to be construed as legal advice.

When a relationship ends, it is common for the parties to deal with the division of assets, payment of spousal or child support and the custody of children. But what happens when the parties can’t agree on who gets custody of a beloved pet? Quebec does not have legislation that specifically …


Within 30 days of a child’s birth in Quebec, the parents must file a “Declaration of Birth” with the Registrar of Civil Status, along with the Attestation of Birth completed by a hospital official or employee of a birthing centre.

Question: What are the differences between sole custody and joint or shared custody of the children under Quebec law?

As the school year approaches, many parents who are separated or divorced face the issue of additional expenses that may not have been part of the child support calculation.


A common misconception is that child support automatically ends when the child turns 18. In fact, in the province of Quebec, child support is payable until the child is no longer financially dependent, regardless of their age.


Under Quebec law, all married couples with children who have instituted divorce or separation proceedings, as well as unmarried couples who have instituted child custody proceedings, must attend an information session with a licensed family mediator.


Did you know that grandparents in Quebec have a special legal provision dedicated to protecting their rights? Article 611 of the Civil Code of Quebec states, “In no case may the father or mother, without a grave reason, interfere with personal relations between the child and his grandparents.”

If you and your partner have been living together, you may be under the assumption that after a certain number of years you will be considered to live in a “common law” marriage. While this may be true in the rest of Canada, it is not the case in Quebec.