Danny Dankoff

Danny Dankoff

Last week I went for a checkup with one of my physicians at the Jewish General Hospital when a fine looking gentleman approached me to chat. Danny Dankoff was helping out as a volunteer, replacing cups near the water fountain and assisting one of the hard working secretaries manage some files.

I was shocked to learn that the remarkably fit Danny is 94 years young, lives on his own in a condo, drives a car and golfs at least once a week at Pinegrove on the South Shore. “I shot a 42 my last time out on nine holes and birdied two,” Danny said proudly. Pinegrove was founded by members of the local Jewish community in 1957. The club has hosted two Canadian Opens and, in 2006, the Canadian Mid-Amateur Championship.

Danny is the dad of Dr. Jerrald Dankoff, a fantastic emergency room physician at the JGH who treated me with kindness when I wound up in his care for painful kidney stones last year. His grandson, Dr. Frederic Dankoff is the MUHC Medical Coordinator for Bed Management and Patient Flow while his granddaughter Dr. Samantha Dankoff works in emergency at the MUHC.

HART IN TOWN: Kevin Hart, a familiar face at Just For Laughs, is in town to shoot the motion picture Fatherhood. It revolves around a man named Matt who is left to raise his daughter Madeline (Maddy) after his wife Liz dies of a pulmonary embolism a day after the baby is born. Shooting will take place in the West End of town this week. Hart was spotted with Chris Morentzos last weekend at the family-run Queue de Cheval.

CHW GOLF: The 45th annual “Pro-Am for Kids” Golf Tournament will be taking place next Thursday, July 11 at Hillsdale Golf Club in Mirabel. This is the largest charitable event of its kind in Montreal. CHW has partnered with the PGA du Québec to provide the professional golfers to complete each team of amateur players. The professionals compete for a $10,000 prize purse. Proceeds will benefit Camp Erin Montreal and CHW schools in Israel. Camp Erin is the largest network of free bereavement camps in North America, designed for children and teens aged six to 17 who have experienced the death of someone close to them.

The event co-chairs are Joseph Balinsky, Gary Hutman and Danny Kaufer. Info: www.chw.ca/proa

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