Abandoned Re-Imagined

LK Glickman and Jonah Migocovsky at the Kirkland Gallery.

Jonah Migicovsky is a 25-year-old Montreal photographer who works exclusively with analog cameras and film while Lisa Kimberly (LK) Glickman, 57, is a Montreal painter and glass artist who has taught in area schools for many years. She has work in private collections in the US and Canada. Oh yes, and they are a son and mother artist team.

The duo recently unveiled Abandoned Re-Imagined, where Jonah took photos at venues around Montreal (and one in the Quebec city area) of abandoned buildings that originally served very diverse purposes. It was presented a few weeks ago at the Kirkland Municipal Gallery. All of the photos were hand printed by Jonah on high-quality matte photo paper. LK then painted with acrylics and drew with coloured pencils over parts of the photos that Jonah took. She started with interiors, intentionally knowing nothing about the background and original purpose of the buildings. She imagined them as warm and welcoming places, with a hint of magic and hope to their melancholy. The exteriors were painted last.

“I was introduced into the stealth realm of perusing abandoned buildings by acquaintances of mine within the graffiti community,” says Jonah. “I met most of them during various moments in my life — skateboarding, attending parties, introductions to friends of friends — all of which happened in the West Island.

“For two years I lived one block away from the abandoned shopping complex in Valois Bay on Donegani. I frequented the empty mall three or four times with my camera in order to capture pieces of what I had not yet known would become forgotten history. Three years later, the entire shopping centre was destroyed, leaving behind a vacant lot for sale.”

Jonah says that living in the West Island for his entire life has influenced his artistic practice in many ways: the tranquil ambience of his life there that motivates him to avoid rushing and instead walk slowly and paying attention to the details that he would otherwise overlook. “The West Island holds an integral role in Abandoned Re-Imagined, for, without it, I may have never entered my first abandoned building,” he says. “Documenting the remainders of neglected establishments ignored by the public was a way to emphasize these building’s surviving beauty. Their architecture, mystery, and original purpose all tell stories.”

Log on to https://www.instagram.com/analogeverywhere and www.lkglickman.com

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