Paolo Solano

A few months ago at the opening of a new Poutineville franchise I met Paolo Solano. He was there to promote his product called Kombucha, a fermented tea that can be produced commercially or at home. Kombucha has become increasingly popular and a number of national and regional supermarkets, including natural foods stores and large grocery store chains, now carry the fizzy, refreshing tea on store shelves.

Kombuchísima is a family business founded by Solano and Aida Guillén. They emigrated from Mexico in 2005, discovered kombucha in 2016 while traveling to Vermont and later started brewing at home and launching trials they finally started production of kombucha in Laval, opening the first tap-room dedicated to only serve kombucha at 19 Boul de la Concorde E.

“Kombucha’s rapidly rising popularity reflects an overall trend towards health, wellness and an active lifestyle,” says Solano. “It is touted for a variety of health benefits including detoxification, joint health, elevated energy, digestion/gut health and immune-boosting properties, with some believing it to have cancer prevention and weight loss properties as well. We are currently bottling and selling five flavors: ginger, mint, blueberry, grapefruit and pomme granate.”

The tap room is opened Wednesdays to Saturdays from 11 am to 6 pm . Anyone can come and try kombucha on tap or get a refill using company bottles. “We typically offer new flavors that you may not find in the regular bottled product,” Solano said. “For example, you may try our piña colada or get a special grapefruit/curcuma/cayenne pepper mix.”

Right now they are still waiting for the city to approve their application for a banner to better advertise their business.

Solano is actually an environmental lawyer licensed in Mexico and currently getting his equivalence before the Barreau du Quebec. “The actual artist behind our product is my wife,” he says. “She is the official ‘brew-mistress.’ She masters the process of kombucha brewing, flavoring and is responsible of nurturing our kombucha mothers.”

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