George and Safoora

George Kalogrias and server Safoora.

It has been almost 50 years since Christos Kalogrias opened a tiny café and lunch stop in Laval called Arahova Souvlaki. Today, 10 franchises are thriving while the company’s line of different products, from tzatziki to taramosalata, can be found at a variety of grocery stores.

Christos has retired, but he lefty the business in good hands with his son George (president/director of sales) and daughters Tina (vp of marketing) and Bia (regional manager). The Laval restaurant was recently given a complete facelift. It also serves as the head office. I met up with George last week at the spanking new Decarie Blvd. locale, which had a lineup out the door.

George, 43, grew up in Chomedey and started working at the Arahova in Laval at the age of 12. “Arahova is part of my heritage,” he says. “My dad first had me to do the dishes. As the years went by I worked as a server, front of the house and store manager until joining the executive team.”

George is an impressive man of action. A new menu has been introduced with a wide array of tantalizing choices. George dined with my friend Glenn and I and generously selected the items: fried calamari, an assorted dip platter with pita, a large Greek salad and an assorted meat platter for two (which can easily feed four). There is also an assorted seafood platter available and so much more. Glenn and I left the place totally impressed (and happily full), with every intention of returning.

We were introduced to supervising manager Spiro Korizis, who has been with the company since the age of 16, Loukas Panousis from the head office and charming server Safoora. The Laval restaurant mirrors the new Decarie spot. A lot of love went into this beautiful interior.

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