There is no doubt that Montreal Comiccon, which celebrated its 11th edition last weekend at the Palais des congrès, continues to get bigger and better every year. More than 60,000 people were in attendance. Co-Presidents Alex La Prova and Oscar Yazedjian, have come a very long way from their humble beginnings with some 2,000 fans. Communications Director Elizabeth Jutras, Oscar’s wife and a de facto co-founder, was so excited to share with me that Laval Comiccon will make its debut October 5 and 6 at Place Forzani.

Elizabeth has worked as a translator, copy editor and communications specialist since 2001. In addition to her extensive knowledge of administrative, commercial and governmental terminology, she is recognized for her exceptional dedication to the French language and her timeliness, reliability and efficiency.

It is Elizabeth who is widely credited with building the Comiccon brand here and at the other cities her teams presents these events- Quebec City and Ottawa. She and her husband live in Laval so it only seemed natural to expand Comiccon to their own backyard. “It will be on a much smaller scale than Montreal,” she told me,”but I think it will be very exciting. There are so many people to draw from on the North Shore. It will be very family focused.”

As for how she and her husband became involved with Comiccon, Elizabeth notes: “Alex owned the store 1000000 Comix Inc. Oscar soon became part-owner. Oscar has always been a big comic book collector so he would go set up at different conventions. I would tag along with him. It became tiring so one day I suggested we just go ahead and do our own convention. Now we have four.”

Elizabeth and Oscar have a nine year old son who had a blast last weekend.

If you looking for a skilled professional to translate a document or a speech from English to French, with precision and elegance, or for a solid writer who can communicate your ideas in French, with words that sparkle then merely look Elizabeth up at Tickets for Laval Comiccon will go on sale July 15.

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