Danny Cattelan

Danny Cattelan

During my recent visit to the Montreal Canadiens press box, I got to meet longtime Laval resident Danny Cattelan who works as a National Hockey League official for home games at the Bell Centre as a statistician.

Cattelan, 28, is responsible for inputting game stats online while keeping track of shots on goals and how much time each player spends on the ice. Naturally, a lot of concentration is necessary.

“It is a great experience,” Cattelan told me between periods of a recent Habs-Ottawa Senators game. “I was an official scorer when the World Junior Hockey Championships were in Montreal.”

Cattelan attended Laurier Senior High School in Laval, John Abbott College and then McGill University, where he earned a BA in Sociology and Psychology. He did play hockey until his teens when a shoulder injury sidelined him. He ended up turning to coaching and just a few years ago had a stint as head coach of the Montreal North Junior AAA Arctic. “I’ve been coaching hockey since I was 18 years old,” he says. “I’ve coached hockey for nine years straight and I am still doing so, but training hockey players privately due to my time constraints. I am planning to get back into it very soon as I really miss it.”

By day Cattelan is a manager at Enterprise Rent-A-Car at the BMW Laval location. He joined the NHL crew in March 2017. “It’s really exciting,” he said. “The people that I work with are great people and I was really welcomed nicely. I am a rookie compared to almost everyone. I treat this job as a privilege, not a right and every time I go to work, it’s amazing. A lot of people think we just go there to watch the game and write down stats. But we are working hard. At the end of most games we don’t even know the score because we are concentrating so hard to do our jobs according to world-class standards. I’ve been involved with minor hockey since the age of 11, so it just proves that hard work pays off and sometimes you get an opportunity of a lifetime!”

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