Hawaii Five-0 and Reboots

Peter M. Lenkov

It has been about 20 years since I first met Peter M. Lenkov. He left his Chomedey home for Hollywood at the age of 22 with the dream of writing for TV and films. Through pure determination he made good on that goal and today stands tall in his field as the executive producer of three CBS hit shows which can also be seen on Global TV: Hawaii Five-0, MacGyver and Salvation.

Lenkov was in town last week to give a Master Scriptwriting class for Concordia University’s Department of Communications. It marked his first visit back home in a decade. Hawaii Five-0 heads into its eighth season on Sept 29. Is another reboot in the works? “Yes,” Lenkov told me over breakfast. “You should be hearing about it soon.”

Lenkov’s cousin, David Wolkove from Côte Saint-Luc, is one of the main writers on Hawaii Five-0. And talented Montreal acress Meaghan Rath joins the cast as Tani Rey, whom leader character Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) recruits from her job as a hotel pool lifeguard after being kicked out of the police academy. “I did not know Meaghan was from Montreal when we first looked at her,” he Lenkov says. “She is amazing.”

ROGER WATERS NEEDS SOME EDUCATION: In the midst of his latest North American concert tour, Pink Floyd rock group leader Roger Waters is being accused of a malicious and intensive campaign against Israel and the Jewish people for years. Two former Montrealers, Professor Charles Small and New York Times best-selling author/filmmaker Ian Halperin, are leading the charge against Waters. His tour comes to Montreal October 16 and 17. The volume will be turned up significantly when Halperin’s documentary on Waters called Wish You Weren’t Here is released soon on pay television channels globally. Halperin said that he has spoken to a number of leaders who branded Waters an anti-Semite. Small, the founding Director and President of the Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy (ISGAP), has put together the www.wedontneednorogerwaters.com website. It is a play on words for Pink Floyd’s great hit Another Brick in The Wall Part 2 and the words “We Don’t Need No Education.” See my blog for more details.

DKSATE AND HABS: There are plenty of hockey players in the province of Quebec who deal with illnesses that are alienated by hockey teams and coaches. Dskate is a program that ignores those stigmas, and brings youngsters with Type 1 Diabetes together for a week where having diabetes is the norm, not the exception. This year the program partnered with the Montreal Canadiens to bring even more to the T1D Hockey community. Over 80 Dskate participants received an authentic Canadiens’ jersey, and had a chance to meet multiple players, including defenceman Brandon Davidson and forwards Andrew Shaw and Paul Byron. Please see my blog for more.

COHEN CHATTER: On Sunday morning Sept. 10 the Congregation Beth Ora community in St. Laurent will be coming together to create a huge fruit salad, following which volunteers will deliver them to various Jewish and non-Jewish homes and shelters in the area. “In short, we will get to know each other better, bring love and joy into the lives of others and have a lot of fun at the same time!” said Rabbi Anthony KnopfRestaurant Portovino has closed its doors in the shopping plaza off Decarie in the old Blue Bonnets Raceway entryway. The main benefactor appears to be PF Chang’s next door, home of the famous chicken lettuce wraps … Spotted at Dunn’s Famous on Decarie last week were YidLife Crisis web series stars Jamie Elman and Eli Battalion, typing scripts away on their laptops.

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