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Shawn Levy’s show is trendy.

In keeping with the theme of this special edition of The Suburban, I take a look at the type of trends I believe readers would be interested in.

ATTIRE: I still wear a shirt and tie to work most days. But if you look around, even senior executives can be seen with a nice white open shirt and no tie. Who started this? How many years has it been since people stopped tucking their shirt in for casual wear? In the summer, why is it so cool to wear shoes without socks? Why do people have sunglasses above their foreheads that they have no intention of placing over their eyes? Why do some young people wear pants that go down just above their knees? Maybe it has to do with the fact they do not believe in belts.

RADIO WAVES: Sure, I listen to traditional radio quite often. In fact, because of my day job and the type of column I write, I probably listen to every station on a daily basis. Five years ago we bought a Honda, which came with a three month trial for SiriusXM Satellite Radio. I knew this was very trendy across North America and boy it did not take long to become completely hooked. Naturally, we signed on. Mostly commercial free, the big draw is the Howard Stern Show which runs on a loop 24/7. There is literally something for everybody, mostly commercial free. Also, check out Humble and Fred in the mornings. Humble is Howard Glassman, a one-time morning show host of Montreal’s previous incarnation of Virgin Radio.

STRANGER THINGS: I resisted signing up for Netflix for several years, but for $9.99 a month I finally bit the bullet. What an incredible option! After binge watching the thrilling show Stranger Things, created by Westmount native Shawn Levy, I recognized the endless array of programming. You can even download episodes and movies.

FIBE TV: Did I really use a VCR at one point in my life? Well folks, VCRs are no longer trendy (maybe they will come back one day). Bell’s Fibe TV allows you to record multiple shows at a time, pause a live show while watching and stockpile a whole bunch of recordings. I especially appreciate recording a sports event and then watching later as if it is live.

CULINARY TRENDS: The Diperie ice cream franchises are mega-popular. The Allô! Mon Coco all-day breakfast spot continues to expand. Dining in Old Montreal is cool. And so is the very trendy Centropolis complex in Laval. Moishes Steakhouse keeps packing them in. Ditto for Queue de Cheval. Who does not love a Bell Centre hotdog? Sushi at Mikado never gets old. I never get tired of Subway, Tim Horton, Harvey’s or St. Hubert. The original Côte St. Luc BBQ on CSL Road will be back in business soon after a fire.

SPORTS: The Canadiens keep disappointing us in the playoffs, yet once the season begins there are Habs flags on automobiles and at the games themselves most fans wearing the red, white and blue. Watch for the new Laval Rocket American Hockey League to become trendy. It has been 13 years since the Expos left town, yet their caps remain totally trendy. Attending Montreal Impact games are trendier with the East End sports community. They still have a lot of work to do in the West End and on the West Island. The Grand Prix race remains simply ultra-cool, even if you do not watch the race.

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