Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom

Rabbi Benyamin Bresinger is an extraordinary human being whom I have had the pleasure of working with via this column and my school board affiliation. He and his team at Chabad Lifeline are committed to working with recovering addicts and they are outstanding in this area. This will all be on display on Thursday, Oct. 24 at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and the Au Contraire Film Festival when a former NBA superstar and a high powered US businessman open up about their past porn and sex addictions.

Former Los Angeles Laker Lamar Odom, also from Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Dancing with the Stars fame, will open up about his drug and sex addiction at Chabad Lifeline’s “soiree on sex addiction.” The evening will focus on the effects of porn and sex addiction on the family, particularly spouses. Eli Nash, CEO of JEG & Sons, will also speak about his addiction to pornography, which included a period of time when he was studying at a Hasidic Yeshiva here in Montreal. His wife Fraidy will talk about her experience as the spouse of a sex addict. Additionally, the Canadian premiere of the short film “Being Here” will be screened. I watched Nash’s Ted X talk on the subject and it is riveting. Info:

INSIGHT INTO SPECIAL NEEDS: About 90 teammates from the Montreal office of Insight Enterprises ran to raise funds for special needs students by participating in the Oasis Rock ‘Nʼ Roll Montreal Marathon. They volunteered to cover the cost of rebuilding a technology room and providing a computer refresh at the main campus of the Summit School in St. Laurent, which serves more than 600 children with special needs. The IT room refresh is expected to be completed before the end of year and will include new computer monitors, desktops, laptops and printers for the students.

DARK STORY OF ABUSE: With National Domestic Violence Awareness Month approaching in November, Montreal author Isabelle Duval is sharing her dark story of overcoming an abusive and dangerous relationship with a narcissist and sociopath in the transgressive thriller Inhaled. The book is inspired by her experience. Duval describes the disturbing psychological mechanisms that keep victims confused and paralyzed, unable to break free. She has a signing slated for this Sunday, Oct. 20 at Indigo, Place Montréal Trust.

STARLIGHT DASH: Éléonore, a vivacious and tenacious six-year-old from Montreal, won the experience of a lifetime last week – a three-minute shopping spree through the aisles of the Toys”R”Us on Decarie. The spree, called a 3-Minute Dash, is part of a longstanding partnership between Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada and Toys”R”Us Canada that has helped to raise more than $20 million for programs that support children with serious illness, and their families. Éléonore was born with Malformation Arnold-Chiari, Hydrocephalus, Syringomyelia (a bone breaking disease) and several other health issues. At only six years old, she understands her condition but remains confident and optimistic.

COHEN CHATTER: The Governor General’s Literary Award Winners for 2019 were announced recently. One of the recipients was Linda Gaboriau, who was chosen for her translation of Birds of a Kind (from French to English). It is about a Jewish/Arab relationship in America that moves over to Israel and the center of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, tackling themes of identity, belonging, and the possibilities of shaping one’s own destiny... I have been a big fan of the CJAD program Life Unrehearsed for some time now. This Sunday I will be the guest of hosts Matt Del Vecchio and Corrie Sirota in the 4:30 pm slot. I will share with viewers the path I took to become a present-day multi-tasker. Please tune in.

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