Donna Santini

Donna Santini with her book and Cooper.

When my daughter was very little, one of the things I most enjoyed was to read her books that would result in adorable giggling. Well she is all grown up now, so when I got a copy of Cooper Goes to the Vet, written by Donna Santini, I read it first and then loaned it to a friend with a daughter in Grade 1. We both agreed: this is a winner!

Santini and her husband Rob live in Dollard des Ormeaux with their two Golden Retrievers Cooper and Harley. The book is all about Cooper and his anxiety during a vet visit and his clown behavior when they get home.

“It’s a cute rhyming story that I hope will make the kiddies laugh and also show them that there is no harm in going to the vet or doctor for that matter,” says Santini. “It is a very short read, which I think is important for the kids to listen to and have a good laugh that doesn’t take an hour of their time.”

Santini notes that her two daughters Meghan and Courtney flew the coop several years ago, so now the dogs are her children. As an animal lover myself I can understand that.

By day Santini works full-time at Salton Canada, the maker of small kitchen appliances, overseeing the documentation needed for overseas shipments. “I first got the idea to write either a short story or article when our first Golden Shelby was diagnosed with Lymphoma in 2013,” she recalls. “I became obsessed with doing the best for him so I bought this book by Laurie Kaplan, whose husky Bullet had fought Lymphoma.I read it and made notes and bought vitamins and essential oils for Shelby and I started cooking his food with tons of organic vegetables and meats, because her book said that carbs in the commercial dog foods are not good for cancer patients. To make a long story short, I started to write a journal on ours and Shelby’s journey for that one year that he survived. That’s where I got the idea that perhaps I can help someone else whose dog is going through the same thing, but anyone I presented it to, I guess they thought the subject matter was not happy enough.”

Santini and her husband got Cooper in July 2015 and Harley in March 2016 and what a year it was with two puppies. “I thought why not write about their goofiness or how they are very much like children, hence the first book about Cooper being afraid to go to the doctor and his relief once it was done,” she notes.

The book can be purchased on Amazon, Chapter’s/Indigo and Barnes & Noble. Santini is now working on a second book about whether Cooper wants a new brother, hence introducing Harley.

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