Everyone who knows me knows how much I despise winter and all that it brings to the table. However, the one that we are currently kicking to the frozen curb has left me at a loss for words. Well, actually, there are a few words that come to mind but I doubt my editor would let me use them here in print.

To help navigate the misery of about five wasted months of my life, I try to find something positive to say about each day of winter. From praising the sun for shining once in a while to not being blown over by gale force winds, good feelings are few and far between. I don’t embrace the cold but rather find that it has a way of wrapping its frozen tentacles around me, keeping me inside staring out at the frozen wasteland of my yard.

The snow is beautiful when it glistens like diamonds but it’s time for some new colours other than the starkness of glaring white. I’m ready for foliage and greenery and warmth.

At this point in time, we all need that light at the end of what has been a very long tunnel. Comments like “there is more winter behind us than in front of us” help as well as the Weather Network’s prediction that by the third week of March, spring will make an abrupt arrival and not just on the calendar. Currently, my street has a good 3-4 inches of solid ice buildup on it that got started back in December and grew with each rain/flash freeze cycle. Now it is a monster that only warm temperatures will eradicate.

Sidewalks are no better and they are supposed to be the safest place to walk. Sales of crampons (cleats) have gone through the snow covered roof as they, not the efforts of snow removal crews, have saved us from ending up in the ER with serious injuries and yet there has been a significant upswing of weather related sprains and breaks anyway.

Who needs Stars on Ice when we are all performing triple salchows, lutzes and axels just getting around every day — no training required? We expect snow in the winter but this one has been all about the ice. Don’t even get me started on the pothole situation. Our cars are taking a beating, too.

Dogs have also been paying the price of this winter’s wrath as they cannot benefit from cleats and have great difficulty finding that perfect spot to do their business in between slides. My own dog sprained his neck when an icy incline got the better of him in December. Now we can barely get him out the door as he knows what awaits him.

Of course there have been exceptionally difficult winters before and I have complained through all of them. Don’t tell me to take up skiing or tobogganing to make winter pass more pleasantly. I’ve been skating through this one and there is nothing pleasant about it. Fourteen layers of clothing before I can even walk out the door and then inching along with my eyes glued to the ground does not make this an enjoyable season for an old gal who knows broken bones don’t heal so quickly anymore. I’m sorry for my friends who cannot tolerate the heat waves of summer but their duration is far less than this wintery mess and bone numbing, soul-destroying cold. I’m at that “why do I even live here?” stage of winter but the answer is always the same. It’s home.

So while this has been another winter of my discontent, I know spring is getting ever closer and she (winter is a he) will be lifting our spirits soon. Indeed, this winter has been one for the books and I hope we are in its final chapter as it really has been h ,e, double hockey sticks!


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