Pétrole Léger: providing heating and cooling services for 65 years

From left to right: Pierre Leger, Owner, his wife Andrée-Anne Farand, their daughter Anabel Leger and son Christopher Leger.

Pétrole Léger has grown since its beginnings in 1951 to become a leading provider of petroleum products, as well as specializing in heating and air conditioning services.

Paul-Émile Léger began the business in 1951 in Ste. Anne de Bellevue and expanded quickly over the years. Léger’s son Pierre took over the business in 1984 and expanded it further, and it is now based in Île-Perrot.

The company, a Shell Canada retailer, provides a wide variety of services, delivering petroleum products such as gasoline, heating oil and lubricants to commercial enterprises. For homes, the company provides air conditioning and heating services, including sales, rentals, repairs and protection plans. For air conditioning, Pétrole Léger’s suppliers include Amana, Goodman and LG; and for heating, brands like Dettson, Epurair, Giant, Granby and Kerr.

A recently added service is duct maintenance in residential and commercial properties, to prevent health problems such as allergies, asthma, headaches and chronic fatigue. Pierre Léger says customers just need to call one phone number for all their cooling and heating needs. “We also provide 24-hour emergency service,” he added.  “We are proud to be a local business.” Pétrole Léger Inc. is located at 460 Grand Blvd. in Île-Perrot. For more information, call 514-453-5766 or visit www.petroleleger.ca

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