Basco: economical and eco-friendly window and door repairs

Founded in 2005, Basco provides a complete range of economical and eco-friendly repair and reconditioning services for both windows and doors. They offer services such as: defogging (a simple, quick and effective solution that can be an alternative to replacing windows); sealed unit replacement (replacing the thermally insulated glass panes is another sensible option that is less expensive than replacing the whole window); window and door maintenance (suitable maintenance on window and door mechanisms to prolong their lifetime and waterproof-ness); and caulking (not only does caulking prevent air leaks from your windows and doors, but it will also maximize their water-tightness and maximize efficiency). In fact, all of these services will help make a home more energy-efficient and therefore eco-friendly, and because of this, the government offers up to $10,000 in tax credits when taking on such repair work (see their website for more info).

Basco only works with expert professional technicians who have undergone specialized training in repairing and reconditioning windows and doors. In fact, they make almost 80 per cent of their own equipment, giving them a solid reputation for using innovative processes that have been proven to be successful for more than a decade.

Basco currently has locations across Quebec, as well as in Alberta, and are continuing their expansion. For more info on Basco and its services, call 1-888-668-0880 or visit or your local representative Richard Gloutney  at 514-241-2252.

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