There's just something that's comforting about really good Mexican food, and for my friend and I, we found everything at Mucho Burrito to be delicious, filling and satisfying.

On a break from lunch, we stopped by the St. Laurent location for a quick sit-down bite. With a laid-back atmosphere and quick service, we were chowing down in no time. On the menu for me: the pulled pork quesadillas, with pinto beans and fresh veggies, all hot, made to order, fresh, and super tasty. My partner opted for their pulled pork burrito in a bowl with Mexican rice, pinto bean and a vegetable medley. In her words, "Mmmmmm!" Both dishes came with a side of tortilla chips with guacamole and queso (spicy Mexican cheese). And then, we indulged (who couldn't) and got an order of their renowned churros for dessert (they were amazing).

Next time, we're definitely going to try their chorizo and tacos (and believe me, there will be a next time!). What's great about this place is that there are loads of options as well as variations of each dish (like size, type of protein, etc.). They also offer catering.

Throughout our meal, we noticed how hands-on the owner was, greeting patrons as they dined or came into the restaurant. It immediately made us feel welcome and taken care of.

Let's just say, we were full and happy amigos walking out of our lunch and heading back to the office that day. It was a great change from the usual hamburger and pizza fare for lunch. If you're looking for good quality, authentic Mexican cuisine that's affordable, quick, and just downright delicious, check out Mucho Burrito. You'll be mucho glad that you did!

Mucho Burrito

3830 Boulevard de la Côte-Vertu

(514) 332-0880  

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