What a fun place to celebrate a milestone (or even just a Saturday night!) - Kirkland Resto Bar is a cool, casual place with fantastic fare and the friendliest of staffs. 

We chose this great locale for a little birthday 'do, and we were glad we did. My girlfriend and I started things off with a fabulous glass of red wine and the samosas (vegetable and beef rolls), along with their crispy (and yummy) onion rings. For the main course, I indulged in one of Kirkland Resto Bar's awesome burgers, which came with a generous side of perfectly cooked sweet potato fries, while my girlfriend had their fish n' chips (she raved about the crispy batter and the fact that it wasn't too greasy-tasting). Needless to say, we were quite stuffed, but we saved a little room for dessert (which the staff was nice enough to present with a candle for the birthday girl). We had cheesecake and it was wonderful - not too heavy, not too sweet, and topped with a delicious syrup. Another lovely touch was the presentation of each course - everything was plated just beautifully.

The taste of the dishes is important, but what made it all the more enjoyable was the great staff we met as well as the laid-back, comfortable ambiance. 

Kirkland Resto Bar has got it all, and we'll definitely come back again (and again...)

Kirkland Resto Bar

3874 Saint-Charles Blvd.

(438) 797-7010


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